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Last updated - 09/30/2023


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Shady Nook Scotties


After more than 21 years of breeding beautiful Scottish Terriers, Shady Nook Scotties is no longer in business.  Effective Oct 1, 2023, we are retired.  A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our previous clients who are living with one of our beautiful babies.

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A Bit of Background


We are inspected annually by AKC.... and we have always passed with flying colors.   The AKC inspector views where our Scotties sleep/play/eat/live, he goes over all of our record-keeping for adults and puppies for the last 2 years.  During our last inspection, the inspector told us that, in his coverage area (6 states), there are only 3  Scottie breeders, including us !!   That's why they are so hard to find.......


We have been breeding the finest and most lovable Scottish Terriers in Indiana since 2001! 


We  breed our dogs to strict standards, and we nurture, socialize,  and love them, raising them alongside our own family.  Of course, it’s our bloodlines that makes our dogs such wonderful companions.  We have multiple Champion background bloodlines in our Scotties, from all over Europe, South America and the USA, and it shows !!  


Our Scotties produce puppies that have wonderful temperaments, and they look like a Scottie should look.


We’re different from other breeders…. we are a small, family-owned and operated breeder that raises our beautiful dogs with outstanding  pedigrees. If you are looking for an alert, protective and healthy Scottie..... we have the Best in The Mid-West !!!


We guarantee our Scotties for 1 year from genetic issues.  We've had families come back the second and third times to add another one of our beautiful Scotties to their family.  Our puppies are born and raised in our home.


Our puppies are trained to newspapers when we send them home with you.

About Us

We are available to advise you on Scotties, food, supplements, grooming, and general health questions. We will also refer you to other resources that can help answer your inquiries. Our clients cannot believe how accessible we are to them! Read the feedback of our Scottie buyers and ask them what they think of our breeding program, and of us. Our Scotties are always fed high-quality food, and given Nuvet supplements.... Nothing but the BEST for our Scotties !! Our breeding stock has the best vet care. We NEVER skimp on our puppies - they are wormed every 2 weeks, and vet checked 3 times. We have received recommendations from 7 out-of-state vets that we don't even know. Why ?? Because they have seen one of our puppies !! That says everything there is to say about the quality of our puppies. We have the best bloodlines that we can get. We invite you to explore our website. Look around. Have fun reading about Scotties and their families. ENJOY !!!

We perform every health test that is available on all of our Scotties BEFORE we breed them. There are, however, health issues for which there are no tests. If we ever encounter one of these health issues, we will stop breeding those dogs. We don't want ANYONE to have a puppy from us that has any kind of problem.  

There are breeders out there who will say or do anything to get you to buy one of their pups. Other breeders have copied our ads word-for-word, or used phrases out of our ads. We always create our own ads and web content, so we see no need to copy things from others. If you truly LOVE Scotties, writing wonderful things about them is not difficult. When looking for your Scottie puppy, PLEASE check the breeder out thoroughly !! Ask LOTS of questions. Ask for referrals from the breeder and CHECK THEM OUT !!!! You should feel comfortable calling your breeder for any question regarding your puppy – and that breeder should ALWAYS call you back within a reasonable period of time. Breeders that have multiple breeds  should be looked at very carefully. Scotties are a full-time job !!   Puppy Mills won’t return your calls - they don’t perform any kind of health testing and they won’t guarantee the health of your puppy IN WRITING, like we do. We are always here to answer your questions. Though we know it would be a difficult decision for you, we will take your puppy back AT ANY TIME during his/her life – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

We only breed and raise Scottish Terriers. We don’t have hundreds of dogs. We only breed our females after they have passed a rigorous vet examination. We bathe and groom all of our Scotties on a regular schedule. They are happy, healthy, well-socialized members of our family.

We are honest and reputable and have earned an excellent reputation. We are very friendly, helpful people, and believe that everyone who wants a Scottie should be able to have one. We don’t feel that you have to lie, cheat, or mis-lead people to sell a puppy. We want you to be comfortable with us as your breeder, because we expect to maintain contact with you for the life of your puppy.

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