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2014 Feedback

 ***** Great breeder and quality dogs


We have purchased a new pup from Shady Nook and could not be more happy. These are honest and careful breeders and want nothing more than to have quality dogs and healthy ones. They have a wonderful website that, even if you are not in the market for a Scottie currently, will give you an indication of how interested they are in the breed. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend them to anyone. I would, without question, not hesitate in buying another pup from them at all. Give Shady Nook a look and I think you will stop with them. Thanks for the love and care of your dogs Shady Nook. Since they are placed in most of the states of the United States, I am not alone in choosing them or they us.


Reviewer: Patricia, December 4, 2014



***** Professional and caring breeder

Our experience with Sindee and Dale was a pleasure and very professional from the beginning. The whole process was very smooth and exactly as they had explained it from the beginning to the happy end. They kept us informed not only weekly once our puppy was born but they answer every single phone call and email with questions that we had. Our puppy is not only gorgeous but has a great personality and very smart, learning to sit and wait for dinner by his bowl by the second week. We are very grateful to Sindee and Dale not only for our beautiful new baby but for all that they taught us and for caring genuinely for their scotties so that families like ours can have the best scotties. M K

Reviewer: Mary, November 30, 2014



***** Shady Nook is the best

Of all the breeders I have bought puppies from, Shady Nook is leaps and bounds above them all. Besides breeding high quality Scottie's, Dale and Sindee are wonderful people. When Sindee called to tell me they had a brindle puppy for me I wasn't sure who was more excited, Sindee or me. They clearly love what they do and take great joy in placing one of their pups in a loving home. To get weekly pictures from when he was only hours old until we brought him home was so satisfying and something I never experienced before. When we took him for his checkup the vet said he was in good health and it was obvious we had a quality pup. Thanks Dale and Sindee for a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Shady Nook and will go back to them if another Scottie is in my future.

Reviewer: Gary, November 27, 2014   



***** The Best Scottie

After 30 years of owning scottish terriers and dealing with breeders, we finally got it right. Shady Nook Scottie Farm has the most beautiful and healthy puppies I have ever seen. We are so lucky to have found them. They are friendly, informative, and always a pleasure to talk to. I look forward to purchasing another puppy from them in the future.

Reviewer: Deborah, November 25, 2014





Shady Nook did a great job in handling the purchase of our pup. At delivery they provided a detailed packet of information on everything from feeding to disease screening. They also included toys, food and water for the 6 hour trip back home to northwest Ohio...all very useful. We definitely would recommend Shady Nook to anyone looking for healthy and happy Scottie.

Reviewer: Becky, November 24, 2014



 *****Puppy Love!!

I picked up my puppy on November 15th 2014. He is the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on!!! He has a wonderful disposition and even was paper trained! He passed his vet check with flying colors and of course the entire office was in the room admiring the little man!! Dale and Sindee are wonderful to work with and my heart is just melting!! The highest of praises given for a wonderful addition to my family!!! Just a beauty!!


Reviewer: Erin, November 19, 2014


via eMail, 08/24/2014...

"Hi Sindee,
This is a voice from your long, lost past (ha).........we purchased a scottie from you 8 years ago.  Gus turned 8 on May 13th of this year which means we picked him up in June or July of 2006.  He is still going strong and the perfect little guy.  We have had no medical problems with him and he's the love of our life.
We lived in WI when we got him, but have moved to St. Louis about 2 years ago with my husbands work transfer.  Gus got used to the new surroundings fast and loves it here in our yard.
About 3-4 weeks after we got Gus, our son surprised us with a scottie and he is 3 days younger than Gus.  We named him Mac.  They are both males and love each other and have played together so well.  They are so funny and still have their chasing parties!!!!!
The son who surprised us with a scottie 8 years ago lost their scottie, Rugby a few weeks ago.  Oh boy, just so darn hard to deal with for everyone.  He was 12 years and 7 months old.  He just stopped eating and had some other issues and the vet couldn't do anything.  We're not sure if it was cancer or couldn't tell.  It is still very sad for all of us.  We loved Rugby so so much!!!  He was from a scottie/westie breeder in WI who doesn't do scottie's much anymore.  I thought my son wouldn't want another scottie because maybe it would be too painful, but he is already looking.  I gave him your web page.
Enjoy your new home and hope everything is going well for both of you.....
Stella (and Jim too)"



***** A WINNER


We highly recommend Shady Nook Scottie Farm for your next scottie puppy. Their puppies are healthy, quality puppies with great personalities and beautiful fur. The communication whether it was by phone or email was top-notch. Every week we were so excited to receive puppy updates with pictures. Our vet says our scottie girl is "a winner". We couldn't be happier. Thank you Dale and Sindee for a wonderful experience.

Reviewer: Leanne, July 30, 2014 



***** Love My Puppy


Picked up my Scottie Roosevelt last week from Dale and Sindee of Shady Nook Scottie Farm and he is a healthy, beautiful and intelligent puppy. He passed with flying colors with my vet. I was hesitant to purchase a puppy online without physically going to their location prior to the purchase but after speaking to them and experiencing Roosevelt for the last 7 days my fears were eliminated. A Mid West Breeder with Mid West Values!!! Look no farther for your Scottie puppy! I will buy another puppy from them in the future!

Reviewer: Smith, July 19, 2014



***** Thank You Shady Nook


We got a beautiful Scottie girl, we are totally in love with.She is healthy and happy, what more could you ask for. These are wonderful people, with great pups. Look no more! Thank you Shady Nook

Reviewer: Patty, July 8, 2014 


 *****Two Dog Review

In my opinion, Shady Nook is the best for Scottish Terriers.They maintain top blood lines, for health and temperament. They care about their dogs and take excellent care of their scotties. I have two dogs from Shady Nook,a male and female, for pets.I would recommend Shady Nook Scotties without any problem. If I want another scottie, Shady Nook Scottie Farm is where I will go.

Reviewer: Pauline, July 4, 2014          


*****Look no further


Our puppy is now 11 weeks old she is perfect. Shady Nook is the best they take loving care of there dogs and the quality of the pups shows. They communicated everything and made our transition easy. Thank you, Shady Nook

Reviewer: MaryBeth, July 3, 2014



***** Experience With Shady Nook Scottie Farm


We just completed purchase of a red Wheaton Scottie from Sindee and Dale at Shady Nook Scottie Farm in May 2014. It was a great experience, with the weekly pictures building anticipation of the day that we would meet our new Scottie. The communication with Sindee and Dale was great. They kept us informed with weekly updates. They are both down to earth and very honest. When we finally met our puppy, we took one look and fell in love. There was no doubt that he should be named Schroeder, after the Peanuts character! His coloring is beautiful, best described as a strawberry blond! He was paper trained when we brought him home at 6 weeks old! Schroeder has been to our vet twice for an initial check and a second time for booster vaccinations. His health is excellent, with no problems. The vet clinic will recommend Shady Nook to those searching for a Scottie. We will definitely NOT hesitate to buy another Scottie from Shady Nook. He has added so much joy and laughter to our home!

Reviewer: Carol, June 16, 2014         


***** Happiness is a terrific breeder


Dale and Sindee are caring and knowledgeable breeders. Sindee and I spoke for an hour, talking about my previous pets, our families and why my husband and I chose a Scottie for our next "little buddy". Our Harrison is vibrant, healthy, loving and so smart! Thank you for being such a nice, experienced couple who is easy to contact. :) Lori

Reviewer: Lori, June 11, 2014  



***** Repeat Buyer


I can't say enough wonderful things about Shady Nook! We just got our 3rd Scottie from them and all 3 are amazing! The care and commitment of Dale and Sindee show in the quality of dogs they have. We love our awesome Scotties and are thankful that we found Shady Nook. I highly recommend them!

Reviewer: Missy, March 31, 2014

 efficient and friendly. always reachable

we found shady nook farm through last year. we communicated over several month until we were actually ready to possible get a new puppy. december 2013 we got the call that there was a female brindle puppy available and we had to put down a deposit immediately to secure the dog. after 6 weeks we were made to pay the balance and after 10 weeks i picked up the dog at Louisville airport. the breeder was there on time, handed me the paper work and health information and i was on my way with my amazing little Zulu, a brindle female. the best travel companion [ 7 hours all in all] never making a sound, all the way to harford CT via Atlanta. Zulu was cleared by our local vet. a very smart dog, totally paper trained. i would buy another dog from shadie nook farm. we got lucky. thank you shadie nook farm, dale and sindee

Reviewer: christian, February 24, 2014          


*****Exemplary breeders/Shady Nook sets the standard


Wonderful people who communicate well and are totally upfront about their business and dogs. Our adult female is a jewel and we look forward to spoiling her for years to come. Highly recommend Shady Nook Scotties. Dogs are well cared for with health records in order. would have been difficult to find a better source for beloved Scottie. Thanks Shady Nook for our Scottie girl.....

Reviewer: richard, February 24, 2014          


***** We recommend this breeder. Just great!


What a fantastic experience.! We have had our new puppy for two weeks. She's a beautiful Scotty pup Well socialized and paper trained when we picked her. She had a vet check and got rave reviews. She's already learned to sit knows her way to the puppy pads and loves to play. Slept thru the night right away. Smart, curious and confident. lots of scottitude yet sweet and loving. Sindee and Dale were so helpful thru the whole process, pictures every week and info about her and the litter. They greeted us like old friends when we arrived gave lots info and supplies for journey home.

Reviewer: Virginia, February 13, 2014          


***** Great experience from start to finish!


We looked at a lot of breeders, but we chose Shady Nook because we felt like they were the most transparent in that they shared everything about their Scotties, their home, and their breeding practices upfront. Sindee Hart (Sindee and Dale Hart are the owners of Shady Nook Scotties), called us back the same night that we sent an inquiry. She told us that before we committed that we needed to talk to people who had previously purchased Scotties from them. I loved it that they wanted us to know them. They communicated promptly at every turn--arranging our pick-up, what I needed to have with me...all of it. Dave, our little Scottie, is calm, came paper-trained, and has not even caused a hiccup in our lives--beyond expressions of joy and laughter. If you want to feel like you can trust the people from whom you are getting your dog, you should talk to Dale and Sindee.

Reviewer: Amie, February 8, 2014                 



***** Nadia & Pearly White are Finally Home


I strongly recommend Sindee & Dale Hart from Shady Nook Scottie Farm. We picked up our wheaten pearly white Scottie female puppy last Sunday 1/26 and she is just beautiful. She's healthy and a top quality Scottie pup. We love her so much that we ended up purchasing her Mom Nadia as well. They're first class breeders that offer top quality Scotties and outstanding customer service. Their puppies are the best available quality. We'll be back for another dog soon. Francisco & Vanessa Cancio, NC.

Reviewer: Francisco, January 30, 2014       


***** Our First Wheaten


As we pulled away from Shady Nook with our beautiful girl we agreed we had purchased our puppy from one of the best and most caring Scotty breeders. We would not hesitate to recommend the Harts for anyone looking for a Scotty.

Reviewer: Marcia, January 27, 2014                 

***** Highly recommend Shady Nook

My family highly recommends Shady Nook Scottie Farm. Dale and Sindee are very knowledgeable about Scottish Terriers. They take extreme pride in breeding a happy and healthy puppy, and that is exactly what we received. We never had any doubt we wanted a Scottish Terrier. We are so happy we chose Shady Nook. If ever in the future we want another Scottie we will definitely contact Dale and Sindee.

Reviewer: Candice, January 9, 2014          


*****Shady Nook is an excellent and reputable breeder!


Dale and Sindee are two of the most caring and dedicated individuals I have met. They absolutely love these puppies, and they pour their heart and soul into caring for them and finding good homes for them. They were up front and honest throughout the entire process. We picked up our male Scottie on November 10th. He has had three check-ups at the vet, and has checked out in excellent health - no issues whatsoever. Our vet even commented on how laid back and gentle he is for his breed. Not only is he a beautiful looking Scottie, but he is a sweetie and gets along great with our lab. You can't go wrong with Shady Nook!

Reviewer: Andrea, January 8, 2014           

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