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2015 Feedback

via eMail.....


Hello Dale & Sindee,

On this Thanksgiving day, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I give thanks for the two of you this year. You changed our lives and I am forever grateful. From that devastating day in April when Sindee answered the phone, you gave me hope that our hearts would heal with time after losing Snoop. Scooby makes me smile and laugh every day. We love him to pieces. You have been excellent partners in the process which I appreciate.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Todd, Trish and Scooby


Thanks to Todd & Trish & Scooby !!


 ***** Our Little Pals from Shady Nook

We have had Scotties over the last 15 years. In November of 2015 our Little Pal Pepper became ill with Kidney issues. Needles to say we were deeply saddened. We found Shady Nook and acquired two Scotties one in March and April of 2014. Rolex and Oakley are brothers from the same litter. Our experience with Sindee and Dale has been excellent. They put the Welfare of the Puppies ahead of any placement. In September I enquired if they would have a Christmas litter. After speaking with Dale he shared that they were expecting a litter from the Father that sired Rolex and Oakley and it would be his last. Three weeks ago we picked up our newest Pal Bentley. Sindee and Dale have followed up with us and we are happy to share their Journey... Our experience with Shady Nook has been second to none. Needles to say they get two thumbs up along with a Heart felt Thank You!!!

Reviewer: Dale, December 17, 2015



***** Welcome to our home Maisie Bess


We arrived home on December 5th with our new addition to our Scottie and Cairn home. What a wee joy Maisie Bess has become. From day one the adjustment was seamless; she sleeps through the night and has adjusted to the household activity. Sindee and Dale must be commended for their breeding family who definitely produce excellent little Scots! The constant communication from Sindee and Dale after the birth was informative and reassuring of the integrity put forth in their business. Truly a lovely couple with beautiful healthy dogs!


Reviewer: Jean, December 15, 2015


 ***** An exceptional breeder with a passion for Scotties


I have bought two Scottys from shady nook and they are a quality breeder, but more so they are interested in not being known as a breeder, but rather a savior of the breed. They love this breed, But it goes further than that, they provide pups that are the highest quality you can imagine. They are in lock step with a quality veterinarian that monitors the health of the pups and they will not release a pup to its new home until it has been cleared and shown to be in top health. They provide a full background of health on both the sire and dam of the pup so you know that this pup is as clear of health issues as it can possibly be. My first pup I drove 6 hours round trip to get him from Shady Nook, for my second pup I was living in a different city and I didn't hesitate to make the trip flying up to get him and then driving 21 hours one way to bring him home. They are that impressive!


Reviewer: Bob, December 15, 2015    


 ***** Double the love


After the loss off or boy Higgins (7 year old male wheaten) we needed to mend all off our hearts and so we searched high and low and spoke with other breeders regarding adoption.. Luckily by word of mouth and then their website we found Shady Nook! Dale and Sindee BOTH were the most helpful and very knowledgable about the breed and answered every question we threw their way! We spoke with them often and were called the minute our babies were born and updated on their progress as time drew near to bring them home. Dale and Sindee opened their home to us and let us visit the babies the night before we were to take them with us as well as took us on a personal tour of their beautiful community (not many people/breeders would be so hospitable and kind by going out of their way like they did)!! We are now officially proud parents of two new babies "Stoli" and "Fiadh" from Krus/Maddie and Krus/Nessie. Thank you guys for allowing us to fill our home and hearts with two of your finest!!!


Reviewer: mike, December 15, 2015


 ***** Purchase of MacKenzie


We picked up our female a little better than a week ago.The entire purchase process went as smoothly as possible.You can tell she was raised in a family environment as she has been part of our family from day one.Dale and Sindee are excellent communicators and in my opinion are committed to improving Scottie bloodlines with the introduction of foreign bloodlines.Visit their very professional website .We are looking forward to many happy years with MacKenzie and couldn't be happier with our purchase from ShadyNook. R & M Klink

Reviewer: Richard, December 9, 2015



 ***** Shady Nook is excellent


Dale and Sindee Hart of Shady Nook are excellent breeders. My first phone chat with Sindee lasted over an hour. I was happy to be added to their waiting list. The entire adoption process ran very smoothly. Dale and Sindee were always available when I had questions or needed some advice. The weekly puppy pics they sent could not have been cuter. We brought our Angus home on Halloween and could not be more pleased with him. He is a gorgeous puppy who turns heads wherever he goes! Faith Cullerton


Reviewer: Faith, November 16, 2015


  ***** Wheatie Sweetie MacKinnon Brought Home


As the publisher of a global magazine about Scottish Terriers, I have access to many resources for puppies. Having lost my Scottie to bladder cancer in late 2014, I sought out Shady Nook based upon their reputation, quality of their puppies and references from other Scottie owners. MacKinnon is a joy. Thank you for allowing us to bring a Wheatie back into our home.

Reviewer: Bill, July 17, 2015


 *****Thank You Shady Nook


From the first day I spoke with Cindee, I knew that Shady Nook was the breeder for us. Cindy spent significant time on the phone with me answering all of my questions and doing her best to ensure that we would treat our new little guy with nothing but love as a part of our family. The weekly pictures allowed us to bond with Scooby before we even met him. Dale was very flexible to work around our flight schedule and meet us for a thorough hand off. Both Dale & Cindee have been responsive and helpful as we help our little guy acclimate to his new home. I would highly recommend Shady Nook if you are looking for a smart and perfect Scottie baby.


Reviewer: Tricia, July 8, 2015   


 ***** Our first breeder experience


We are very happy that we selected Shady Nook as the breeder for our newest member of our family.There are many choices out there and it is intimidating when considering a breeder over the Internet. The Harts insist on a phone interview which for us was nearly 30 minutes. We knew we were making the right decision as we found so much in common in our love and understanding of the breed. We were happy to be placed on their waiting list and were able to bring our puppy home last month. He is an absolute joy and a beautiful dog. Our vet was impressed with the quality of care, food being given and attention to the litter. Should we consider to add another puppy in the future we will definitely return to Shady Nook.This breeder is AKC approved and regularly inspected. I appreciate their interest in improving the blood lines by considering European males and females in their program. Dale and Sindee Hart are wonderful people and we are very pleased to work with them. The Simpsons


Reviewer: Sandra, July 8, 2015


 ***** Perfect Puppy


We found Shady Nook online and did our research. We picked up our little girl puppy last weekend. All the information provided was complete and accurate. Owners are extremely trustworthy. The entire experience was excellent. I wish potty training was this worry-free.


Reviewer: Kevin, July 5, 2015



 ***** Shady Nook is the best!

Our experience with purchasing a Scottie from Shady Nook could not have been better. I was provided with a list of their previous clients in my area of the country. I contacted 5 or 6 of them and received raving reviews of their experiences with Shady Nook and the health of their Scotties. Once we were fortunate to put a deposit on our Shady Nook Scottie, our dealings with Dale and Sindee were very professional and positive in every way. We received weekly photos of our sweet puppy. We fell in love with her from the first time we saw her photo! We have had our puppy for 3 days. She is so very sweet and so healthy. We took her to the Vet yesterday and he verified that she is extremely healthy. The reason for such a healthy puppy is the expertise and the care that the adult dogs and puppies are given at Shady Nook. You will not find a better Scottish Terrier breeder.

Reviewer: Julie, June 30, 2015   


 ***** Scottish Terrier

Head over heels in love with our Trixie....Bright, inquisitive and spunky but still loves a good cuddle when tuckered out. Our vet was so pleased with her and declared her "perfect". Dale and Sindee kept us in the loop every step of the way and we are so happy with our new little bundle of joy...

Reviewer: Teresa, June 29, 2015


 ***** You must have a puppy from this Breeder!!

I purchased a Scottish terrier a year ago and one just recently. Both puppies are amazing. Health of both dogs are amazing and very easy to train. We drove from Florida and worth all effort. I have had dogs from stores and there is no comparison. Sindee and Dale are very caring, honest people. My family feels blessed to have these puppies in my life.

Reviewer: Nancy, June 22, 2015


 ***** Shady Nook Farms is the Best!

I can't say enough about Sindee & Dale, they have worked hard to breed the best puppies in terms of health and all the attributes that make a Scottie a Scottie! We brought our little brindle boy home a week ago, we already felt close due to the weekly photos and updates from the moment he was born! The nights have been a breeze and training is going well! He is so smart and inquisitive, as they say, he is full of scottietude! I think being born and raised in their home, overseeing every step of their development has made all the difference. Sindee and Dale care for their puppies and their forever families, they are always accessible, answering all our cares and concerns, sharing the wisdom of their knowledge and experience! I feel so blessed to have found them. Their web-site is amazing, check it out!!!

Reviewer: Dorothy, June 15, 2015 


 ***** Beautiful Scottie Puppies


We have received the most beautiful puppy from Shady Nook. Dale brought Lexee to the airport and we brought her home with us on the plane. We were kept informed of the progress of the puppy weekly with numerous pictures and status updates. Sindee and Dale seem to take special care of their puppies and are very responsive to questions. Lexee is a very smart, confident puppy


Reviewer: Patrice, April 7, 2015


 ***** Strong and Healthy Scotties


My husband, Roger and I would like to recommend Shady Nook Scottie Farm as an excellent place to find a happy healthy Scottish Terrier. We have just adopted a beautiful brindle girl from them. Her name is Nina and she's a joy to live with. She charms everyone she meets. For many years Sindee and Dale Hart have bred healthy American Scotties with Scotties from Europe to achieve a broader genetic base and keep the Scottish Terrier Breed strong and healthy. Their Scotties are raised with loving care. It was our pleasure to get to know Sindee and Dale and share our mutual love of Scotties. They have put together a great web site. Find it at


Reviewer: Gladys, March 18, 2015



 ***** We couldn't be happier!

Love our new Scottie. Sindee and Dale are the best. So friendly and easy to work with. Our little guy is so happy and loving. They have done an excellent job. Their dogs are beautiful. The puppies are in their home, not outside in a kennel, you can really tell the difference. No wonder their wait list is so long. I am so glad that I waited to use the right breeder and get the best puppy. You can tell that our little guy is of the best quality. All breeders should care for their dogs like they do. We will definetly sing Shady Nooks praises.

Reviewer: connie, February 3, 2015


via eMail.....


"Hi Dale and Sindee,


Hope everyone at Shady Nook is doing well!  We can't believe that Ruby has been a part of our family for almost 3 years now!  I always tell people what a wonderful experience we had getting her and what a great dog she is.  Ruby loves people, especially kids, and is always so happy!  Her favorite season is summer.  She can't get enough of anything that involves water!


Have a wonderful Spring and Summer!


Mary and  Gary" 


via eMail.....

Gary got Duncan from us, from a litter whelped in Oct/2014, out of Winnie x Krus.   Here's the progress report.....


Sindee and Dale,


Duncan was at the vet on Monday for more shots and he weighed in at 8.4 lbs.   Needless to say he is eating well.  I lost count how many times the vet said he is perfect and the girls at the desk can't get enough of him.  He is now listening to my wife and when he goes after her robe and he stops when told "No". He has learned biting humans is not allowed and understands "no bite". The house breaking is not going so well. He can hold it all night long but during the day he just goes on the floor when he feels the urge. The good news is he always goes by the back door where the papers used to be.


It will be very interesting when he goes for his first haircut. His hair is brown at the base and black at the tips. He will probably look like a brown dog with a black skirt. I can't wait. I never dreamed I would have a Scottie so different and so beautiful.


He still loves to go outside and the cold does not seem to bother him at all. His nose is always on the ground looking for something to chew. He still picks up sticks and struts around the yard like he is king of the world.


We love him dearly and only other dog lovers can appreciate how much he means to us. We are so glad we found you and Dale and can't thank you enough for trusting us with one of your pups.


I am including a picture of Duncan I posted on Facebook but cropped it a little as Duncan was upset I posted a picture of his private parts.


Thanks again and we will keep you updated.



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