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2016 Feedback

Via eMail.....   

Sindee and Dale,

Thank you so much for my wonderful little man, Enzo,a handsome Wheaton Scottie.

He is happy, calm but playful, very bright and a true joy!You two were delightful to work

with when adopting my Scottie. Thank you again, have a great holiday season.



VIA eMail.....




It's been awhile since I've written.  Zoey and her family moved to the Villages, FL. a year ago.  Zoey was from your litter born on June 14, 2010, so she's now 6 years old.  She was trained as a therapy dog when she lived in Martin County, FL. and did programs for the Humane Society there.  Since moving north we have joined an organization called R.E.A.D.(Reading Education Assistance Dogs).  She is visiting a 1st grade classroom in an elementary school in Lady Lake, FL. weekly and assisting the kids with their reading!  It's a great volunteer job that I especially love doing since I'm a retired teacher.


Just thought I'd let you know that Zoey is doing good in this world!  I will send you a picture of her with a child soon.  I don't know what I'd do without my blonde Scottie!  She's a gem! May you have a Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful holiday season!


Karen & Zoey


 ***** Shady Nook Excellent

When I had to put my male Wheaton Scottish Terrier, Gabe, down this past summer I started to research breeders. I was impressed with their website and all of their guarantees.. What struck me first was you have to call, you can not e-mail and ask to get on their waiting list. They basically do a phone interview to make sure they are working with someone who has had a Scottie and someone who would provide a loving home for their dogs. They were nothing but nice and informative. Eli is now almost 15 weeks and is doing well. He is a loving little guy and is learning quickly. I would buy again from Shady Nook.

Reviewer: Amy August 10, 2016   


 ***** Shady Nook: Heaven on Earth!!!

Buying a puppy from Shady Nook is the best way to go. Not only do you get the most beautiful and loving puppies, but you also get the opportunity to meet the most wonderful breeders! This is the second Scottie that we purchased from Dale and Sindee and the experience could not have been better!! Dale and Sindee maintain contact throughout the entire time before you get your bundle of joy. They send pictures regularly from just after the birth until they are ready to come home, so you are able to watch your puppy grow. When it is time to pick them up, you get a care package with your puppy and all the information you need to ensure that your puppy thrives! I highly recommend purchasing from Shady Nook- I would never get a puppy from anyone else.

Reviewer: Bruce, June 11, 2016



 ***** My Puppy Pieper

I have enjoyed navigating through the experience of adding a puppy to my family from Shady Nook. As breeders, they are honest, trustworthy, and willing to take time to speak with you up front. They are knowledgeable and understand the breed. I appreciate they require interested individuals to be approved prior to getting a puppy. It shows their passion for this breed and they want to match their puppies with the correct families. I appreciated the weekly updates and pictures on my puppy up to the time for me to get her. They are accommodating when it comes to getting your puppy and are supportive afterwards. Pieper, my puppy, being the third Scottie I have owned has a very nice temperament. She is gentle, loving and smart. You can tell she was brought up from the beginning with a family that loved her. I am a big fan of Shady Nook. I hold Dale and Sindee in high regard and will remain on their list as know I will only get my future Scotties from them.

Reviewer: Karrie, April 9, 2016



 ***** We love our Shady Nook Scottie

We have a female puppy from Shady Nook and we could not be more pleased! Sindee and Dale were a joy to work with and kept us up to speed on our puppies growth and health while we were waiting to pick her up! Our puppy has a lovely sweet disposition and has gotten rave reviews at the vet. This is our 3rd Scottie and by far the quality of dog is superior to our other dogs! I look forward to adding another Shady Nook Scottie to our family in the future!

Reviewer: Kelly, April 3, 2016



VIA eMail.....


Jan has 3 Shady Nook Scotties – they are all doing great, per her email (below).  Betsy went to Jan in late Nov, 2015….


“Just wanted to  say thank you for our little Betsy....She is a little spitfire and giving the other pups grief.  Grace and Betsy are constantly playing or 'fighting' ..... Grace has decided that Betsy's kennel should be hers and Betsy throws a fit and tries to  shoo her away at least once a day.  She is doing ok on house training and will go potty outside with the big girls.  The three Shady Nook Scotties each have their own personalities and it is fun to watch them interact;  even Laurie is tolerating her at times.  They all are healthy with a very good appetite...  Betsy and Grace are at my feet right now ... pseudo-wrestling.

Thank you !





VIA eMail.....

Dear Sindee,

There are no words to adequately thank-you for my blessed Wheaten Scottie, Rose!  Today is her 7th birthday and we are so very happy together! Rose’s favorite activity is going on a walk. Three years ago we moved to an “Active Seniors Complex”, (although I was only 56), and we have lots of lovely walkways and large grass areas plus a hillside of trees and grass and wild turkeys.  Most people here have dogs and so she has walking buddies we sometimes meet. My best friend, who has a Yorkie, comments on how close Rose and I are; how much we like being together.   I told her Rosie just carved out a large place in my heart when we first met and settled down there for good!  Your work with these wonderful dogs has brought such joy to my life, I wanted to take the opportunity of Rose’s birthday to thank-you.

God Bless you, your family and all the Scotties!


Kindest Regards,




VIA eMail.....

Dear Sindee & Dale,

Now that the crush of the holidays are over, we thought we'd take some time to give you an update on Trixie.   First of all, thank you from the bottom of our hearts....she is awesome! Every single day we look at her and tell each other how lucky we are that she's in our lives... She's been house-trained since August (she comes and yips at us) when she has to go out, has not destroyed any furniture or other major household objects, plays so well with the other dogs in the neighborhood and is wonderful around little kids. Our two little nieces enjoyed petting her and getting snuffly kisses in return (usually on their toes).

She's also pretty good with sit, stay and roll over, however, in her eagerness to get rewarded, she sometimes does all three at the same time. We've been able to take her on some adventures with us - we all went up to New Hampshire and Vermont this summer where she learned to swim, went hiking and paddle boarding and got to play with her cousin-dog, a Corgi named Ping-Pong. She also made friends with a 160-lb Newfoundland named Adia, although Trixie seemed a bit puzzled by her at first.

She comes with me to my flag football games every Sunday and charms everyone and is ready to get into a play tussle with the other dogs that come too. All my teammates and people on the other teams knew both of our old Scotties so she was welcomed with lots of love. She tolerates snuggling pretty well and wakes us up with lots of puppy kisses, usually with an accompanying paw-pat to the face. Every once in a while, she uses her paw to nudge at us when she wants something - usually a tuggie or ball - it's very cute.

The Christmas Tree was met with enthusiasm and became her favorite sleeping place - she cuddled up underneath while her old favorite couch was moved away from the window. She was also very helpful while Pat was putting it up - she diligently carried the trimmed off branches away so that he wouldn't trip on them. We have a great video of both of them underneath the tree, Trixie's tail wagging enthusiastically.

She does love wood and we have a collection of sticks from our walks around the neighborhood and park - she'll find one she can't live without and carries it proudly home. It usually gets left in the front yard with all the other precious sticks so we've got quite a collection.

We're so lucky and she's brought so much joy back into our lives, we can't thank you enough. We wish you peace and happiness in 2016 and beyond and we will be sure to email you with further adventures as they happen!

The Murrays

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