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         2019 Feedback  

We love our Shady Nook Scottie!
Our Shady Nook Scottie, Stormy, joined our family in July 2019! We absolutely adore her. She's healthy, feisty, loving and so smart. I'm from MA and working with Sindee and Dale in Indiana was wonderful. They sent us weekly pictures and updated us often on our puppy. When it was time to take her home, they were so helpful and kind. We still keep in touch with them and it's obvious how much they love their Scotties! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to add a Scottie to their family!
Reviewer: Larissa, December 27, 2019


Penny from Heaven

Penny is a back 3 year old female who had had 2 litters before we adopted her from her beautiful home with the Hart’s.  She fit right in with our 15 year old poodle, Razoo.  Grandchildren as young as three cuddle her in their laps. She is happy, healthy, and has a tail that wags constantly. She loves to hunt for bugs and lizards in the yard! Most of all, she is the love of my life.  I have to give the Hart’s credit for pouring their hearts and souls into their Shady Nook Scotties.  Their care and attention has given me love and support in my Penny from Heaven.  No one should live without a Shady Nook Scottie.  Margie

Reviewer: Marjorie, October 28, 2019

Our experience adopting a Scottie from Shady Nook

We recently adopted a Scottie from Shady Nook. We were impressed by Sindee & Dale for personalizing our experience in adopting our baby. We were referred to them by someone we knew who could not say enough good things about them and her Scottie. They were unstinting in keeping people up to date in the process. We were fortunate. Our baby was born on our wedding anniversary , August, 8th, so there is some kismet involved as well as we believe he was meant for us and for us to him. Since the adoption , they have kept in touch and encourage us to keep them up to date. We will do so. He is doing great. He is a handsome and healthy boy.. If you are interested in a Scottie, please talk to Sindee and Dale first

Reviewer: robb, October 13, 2019   


Our Scottie puppy experience at Shady Nook

We recently purchased a Scottie pup from Shady Nook Scottie’s in Indiana. We cannot say enough about the experience we have had. From the time we contacted Sindee and Dale Hart of our interest in a Scottie, they were so knowledgeable and helpful in our search. They made sure to interview us to make sure this was the breed for us. They kept us up-to-date when a litter was ready, and when they were whelped, we were amongst many others to try to be the first to call at a given time to hopefully “win” a puppy from a given litter. We traveled ~700 miles to pick up our precious cargo, to find him paper trained, clean, happy, and healthy. If there were a rating of 10, we would give this breeder a 10+. We would definitely recommend this breeder, and would definitely in the future purchase from this breeder.

Reviewer: Karen, August 9, 2019

Extraordinary Scottie Puppy

Our experience purchasing a puppy from Shady Nook was first class. From the very first day we contacted Dale and Sindee about being a prospective Scottie puppy buyer to the day we picked our little pup up - they were just tremendously helpful and supportive during the entire process! Our puppy is beautiful, healthy and friendly! I highly recommend Shady Nook Scotties to anyone interested in purchasing a Scottish Terrier.

Reviewer: Dave, August 5, 2019  

Bueatiful Scottie pup from beautiful peopke

We were fortunate to find Shady Nook right in our own back yard. The Hart’s are truly devoted to the breed and to insuring their puppies get a good start in life. Our pup came with his own health record, microchip, parental DNA test info and pedigree information, food and vitamin samples, toys and a contract committing us to maintain his vitamin regimen. When we picked our Finley up, I could tell the Hart’s were truly going to miss him - a good start to come from a loving home. Our vet says Finley is in fantastic condition. Anyone can tell by looking at his lustrous coat and bright eyes that this is a super healthy puppy. He has that ‘aww’ factor that draws everyone to him. In short, our pup has good breed conformance, intelligence, health and temperament. Now, if we can only survive teething!

Reviewer: Carol, May 3, 2019 

Breeders of the perfect Scottie

I had been casually speaking with Scottish Terrier breeders who were known for top quality puppies and their big wins in the show ring. That’s because I have been showing another breed off and on for nearly 25 years. But I also kept going back to the Shady Nook website. I was could see that they breed top quality dogs and they do not not line breed, which for example is when a female dog is bred to sire’s littermate. Line breeding can create health issues such as cancer. Sindee and Dale Hart’s breeding program focuses on securing Scotties that are healthy and have great temperaments and can bring something extraordinary to their breeding program. Yes, it would be easier and cheaper. I came home with a puppy that is outstanding quality. They are extraordinarily breeders and really nice folks. Communication is superb. If you have wait for puppy, believe me it is worth the wait.

Reviewer: Debra, April 3, 2019


via eMail

Andi is a black female Scottie, whelped at Shady Nook Dec/2018. 

Date: March 26, 2019 at 4:33:34 PM CDT

Subject: Good Afternoon

I have been wanting to write and let you know how pleased we are with our newest addition.   She is such a quick learner and really tries to please.   Growing up and is now up to a whopping 6 lbs.   You won't believe all the tricks she has learned and loves to perform.   We can't believe how fast those short little legs can move.   The other day I had her in the basement and all of a sudden couldn't find her - couldn't believe she had climbed over half way up the carpeted basement stairs! 

Also, we wanted to let you know after we got connected we ordered the NuVet and started our two Schnauzers on it - they have now been on it about 2 months and we can really tell a difference in their coats - thanks for introducing us to the product and we have signed up for automatic shipments. 

Andi starts Obedience Class Saturday so we'll see how that goes - going to be a different experience because she will be in a different environment with different people and dogs - great training exposure.

Again, thanks for all the work you put into your breeding program - it shows in the behavior traits of your puppies - this is one of the best pups we have ever had.  

Hope this finds you and Dale doing OK.     

Bob & Rita

 Fantastic breeders

These are fantastic breeders to work with. I recently purchased an 8 week old male and have loved him since first sight. These folks are honest, up front, and will help you at every step along the way. While their prices are higher than most, you get what you pay for. This is very aparent by the lineage and lengths Dale and Sindee have taken to promote the breed, not just sell puppies to make a buck. I would highly recommend speaking with Dale and Sindee if you looking for a great puppy to add to your family.

Reviewer: Ryan, March 26, 2019    

 Simply the best Scottish Terriers

We recently got are 2nd puppy from Shady Nook. They exercise great care breeding only the best Scottish terriers. They have wonderful dogs with awesome personality. We traveled a few hundred miles to get ours but we would travel across the county for one of these fine dogs!

Reviewer: Rick, March 4, 2019    

 Best Puppy Ever!!!

I purchased one of Missy's puppy's and could not be happier. He is full of spunk, healthy and beautiful. He has the best Scottie personality and is fearless. Would definitely recommend Shady Nook for a healthy, happy puppy!

Reviewer: Trudi, March 4, 2019    

 Friendly, healthy Scottish Terrier Puppy

We picked-up our 10 week old Scottish Terrier a little over a week ago. Sadie, a black female Scottish Terrier, came from Shady Nook Breeders. Based on our experience with them, I will be going to them first next time. They are friendly, informative, and seem to be breeding the right way. Our Sadie is on the small side, but absolutely the sweetest dog. She has instantly become a member of our family. She is a little smaller than her siblings, but full of personality and sweetness. Dale and Sindee are great to communicate with, seem to care well for the puppies, and really want to find good homes for their Scottie pups. Sadie was diagnosed with Coccidia when we took her to the vet 2-days after we brought her home. This being said, it's an easily treatable parasite. Sadie is doing great. Thanks Shady Nook!

Reviewer: Cary, March 4, 2019     

 Very caring and truthworthy breeders

We recently purchased a Scottie from this breeder and are very well pleased. The breeders are very friendly and answered all our questions. They definitely care and know the breed and want the dogs to go to caring, good homes. We have found the temperament of our dog excellent. She is very smart and a quick learner and wants to please. From the first day she slept all night in a crate in our bedroom and in less than a week we had her trained to use her pee pads. I would not hesitate to purchase another Scottie from these breeders. Our vet was very well pleased with quality of our little girl.

Reviewer: Rita, March 3, 2019

Best Experience Ever !!!

Shady Nook kennels is the best !  I did extensive research before choosing them as my breeder, they exclusively use non-American based bloodlines for their puppies and that they genetically test the parents is a major selling point for me. The entire purchase was painless, and it was a delight each week to receive new pictures of my little girl.  Dale and Sindee are welcoming people and I no sooner stepped into the whelping room when Sindee put my little girls Donella into my arms.  We had a delightful visit.  They answered my questions and made it clear that they would be there should I have any questions or need help of any kind.  I flew home on Sunday morning to New Jersey.  She is a true delight to watch as she explores everything around her with enthusiasm and curiosity.  Thank you, Dale and Sindee, for breeding such a perfect little lady.  I am totally in love with her and cannot recommend Shady Nook Kennels highly enough.  I would give them a perfect 10!!!

Reviewer: Linda, February 28, 2019


via eMail

Nancy has a Scottie (Ivy), who was whelped at Shady Nook on Christmas Day, 2010.  Ivy recently had a health scare that turned out to be a false alarm, but Nancy was worried sick about her.   This is the email we received after Ivy was given the ‘all clear’……

Dear Sindee and Dale

Great news! Ivy got a clean bill of health. No Cushings or anything else. She has a mild case of dermatitis which she’s getting treated for four weeks and the bumps are already drying up after only two weeks with the medicated shampoo. There aren’t any Scottie’s around this area. The vets I saw adored Ivy. I think she’s one of their favorite patients! Sammy continues to do well and he will soon be 15. I learned a very good lesson from this scare with Ivy. Two dogs is enough for now! So, I will wait until Sammy passes and I will get back on the list. It has given me some time and I have decided I will get a black female like Ivy and name her Esther! I read about those inexperienced breeders and you can give anyone my number and I will tell them what a fine breeder you are and Ivy is a quality dog and worth every penny! I have spoiled her with this scare. She eats her dinner sitting on the couch and I feed her with a fork! Then when she’s finished I run and get her water bowl ! But she’s my baby so it’s fine right? Take care and thank you for your support with Ivy!   


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