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2010 Feedback

 No other Scotty breeder compares!

My newest Scotty came from Shady Nook and he is drop dead gorgeous with perfect confirmation. He is healthy, happy, curious, alert, intelligent and adaptable. Dale and Sindee say what they mean and mean what they say. Their knowledge, devotion to the breed and down to earth professionalism means you get great quality and service regarding your Scottish Terrier puppy. As long as they are around, I won't get any of my future Scotties from anyone else - no one else comes close enough to compare!

Reviewer: Deborah, November 11, 2010    

So happy with my Shady Nook Scottie!

Shady Nook Scottie Farm is the only place I would ever get a Scottie from. We purchased a female Scottie from them recently and couldn't be happier. They raise beautiful, healthy Scotties and make sure they go to good homes. They are very organized and helpful and are always there for any follow-up questions. These people truly care about breeding quality Scotties and will provide you with the best of the Scottie breed. Susan

Reviewer: Susan, September 22, 2010    

A Perfect Puppy

I began shopping for a Scottish Terrier about 6 months ago and was immediately drawn to the Shady Nook Scottie Farm in southern IN. Although we now live in FL. we summer in IN, where our children and grandchildren live, so this was a perfect location. My communications were always answered immediately and care was taken to provide the perfect puppy that we wanted. After the litter was born and we made the deposit, Shady Nook sent pictures and kept us informed weekly of their progress. Although I had never gotten a puppy sight unseen before I was completely at ease with the Hart's expert compassion and care of their Scotties. We love our adorable little Zoey who is now 10 weeks old. She's a beautiful puppy and the Hart's continue to keep in touch and answer questions. I would recommend Shady Nook unquestionably for a perfect Scottie puppy!

Reviewer: Karen, August 24, 2010    

Maida Belle

I can't say enough good thinngs about Dale and Sindee and their Shaddy Nook Scottie Farm. Maida Belle, our new family member is the sweetest little girl one could hope for. Well mannered even at ten weeks and drop dead gorgeous. Our other Scottie, Willy, is in love with her as is our Black Lab, Babe. Even Frick and Frack our two Tiger Cats love her. This couple can be relied upon to do what they promise and in an efficient and informative way. They are the folks to contact for well bred and healthy Scotties. You will not be disappointed! We Weren't! Thanks Sindee and Dale!

Reviewer: TOM, August 20, 2010    


I could not be more pleased with my scottie puppy. This breeder does everything they claim and more. The update photos are particularly pleasant. My puppy is bright, cheerful and pleasant company as well as inteligent and good looking like her new family !! You will have not problems; even delivery by airline was handled without a problem.

Reviewer: James, August 18, 2010    



 Shady Nook--Home of Beautiful, Wonderful Scotties

I couldn't be happier than I am with the beautiful Scottie I got from Shady Nook. Paisley is almost two years old, and she's the friendliest dog I have ever seen. She makes everyone who comes into my home feel like they are her long-lost friends. She kisses and cuddles with them and everyone loves her. After I talked with Sindee and Dale about Scotties, I decided I would wait for a Scottie until they had one for me, and I was right, I got a "Beauty." If you're thinking about getting a Scottie, you should do yourself a favor and check out Shady Nook's website.

Reviewer: Barbara Z, August 16, 2010    

Perfect Dog!

When I first started looking for a Scottish Terrier I did a lot of research. I found Shady Nook through google and contacted Sindee for just some information. At the time, she happened to have a blue-black male available. I talked to Sindee on the phone and realized that this woman not only enjoyed breeding these dogs, but she truly enjoyed making the families happy in the end. Sindee and Dale make sure that the puppies are 100% healthy and ready to go. It was a huge comfort in knowing that I wasn't buying from some "run in the mill puppy factory" but a loving home and breeder. My puppy has the best temperament you could ask for. I know that in the future I will be purchasing puppies from Shady Nook and Shady Nook only.

Reviewer: grace, August 10, 2010   

Shady Nook is the Best!!

We recently purchased a puppy from Dale and Sindee and the experience was wonderful from start to finish. He is a beautiful, healthy puppy. Sindee was always available to answer any questions or concerns and Dale made shipping him a peice of cake. I was nervous about dealing on the internet, but after one conversation with Sindee, I felt I knew her and I could tell that she isn't in this to make money, but to raise healthy puppies. Our vet was impressed with Shady Nook as breeders. She said our puppy had beautiful skin and coat and was extremely healthy. I hope to get another scottie in the future, and when I do, I will be giving Sindee and Dale a call

Reviewer: Teresa, August 4, 2010    

2 happy buyers 2 happy pups

From the moment we started working with Shady Nook we felt secure in our decision to trust Sindee and Dale as our breeder for our 2 new pups!I have been so impressed with their knowledge of Scotty's and their personal concern for every pup on their farm.We have been so happy and enlightened with them as our Breeders,you cannot go wrong with a beautiful,well adjusted,socialized and paper trained pup (or pups)! Thank-you Sindee and Dale for our new sweet,lovely new family. Sincerely The Barnes

Reviewer: diane, July 27, 2010    

Totally pleased

I can't say enough good about my new Scottie puppy and about Shady Nook. Sindee and Dale fulfilled all my expectations of a breeder an more. They are so conscientious about their puppies and meticulous about their care and nurturing that I felt completely confident about my on-line purchase. They are accessible for questions and concerns and they truly reflect an on-going interest in the well being of their puppies. I would not hesitate to buy from them again and, in fact, I plan to do so when a black female puppy becomes available. I can't wait to have another puppy from Shady Nook.

Reviewer: Carolyn, July 24, 2010    




I recently bought 2 puppies from Sindee/Dale at Shady Nook-The entire experience was phenomenal. I had contacted Sindee prior to my younger puppy being conceived-the website was updated with status & approx due date. When born,Sindee called to inform me that I had a puppy; pictures were sent weekly-last one was a video!;before I had picked them up, I felt like I knew my puppies. The puppies are as promised-great temperment, sweet dogs and obviously well cared for. She also stays in contact afterwards for questions and concerns--HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Reviewer: Mary, July 22, 2010    

Great Experience... TWICE!!

We have a one and a half year old black scottie, Piper, from Shady Nook and loved her so much we decided to get another Scottie. We had a great experience with Shady Nook when we got Piper, they were a wealth of information and genuinely cared about their dogs and their puppies. Piper is beautiful and healthy, never had any problems. We had the same great experience with our new wheaten scottie, Aggie with Shady Nook. She has had her vet checkup and is in great health and is absolutely beautiful. I would recommend Shady Nook to anyone looking to add a Scottie to their family.

Reviewer: Elisha, July 21, 2010    

A Dream Come True

I had been talking with Sindee Hart over a year before we finally got our Scottie on July 17, 2010. Before ever ordering our pup, Sindee has been a great source for all kinds of information in regards to the Scottie. Her knowledge of the breed and concern for them really pursuaded me to purchase our Scottie from Shady Nook Scottie Farm. Sindee provided me with a list of contacts that were former purchasers of her Scotties. Everyone that I contacted had nothing but good to say about her business and her love for the Scottie. Upon arriving to pick up our puppy, Judy and I both were very impressed with her kennel, the breeding stock and the conditions under which the puppies are raised. Our puppy had been given a bath, nails clip and a very special greetable smile placed on her face. I can not say enough about this kennel. Sindee and Dale Hart and the Shady Nook Scottie Farm have made a dream come true for myself and my wife. Roger & Judy Hooper

Reviewer: Roger, July 20, 2010   

Our new Scottie puppy

Sindee and Dale are wonderful breeders. They really help us with all our questions. Our scottie is the cutest. He is only 8wks old and he is really doing well. I would highly recommend the Hart's if you are interested in getting a scottie. They know the breed and really care about their pups.

Reviewer: Elizabeth, July 17, 2010    

Best Breeder Out There!

Sindee & Dale are THE BEST! We had such a wonderful experience with them. Our puppy is so adorable, so well behaved and he has such a great temperament! Sindee & Dale really make you feel comfortable buying over the internet. We live in NJ so it was not easy for us to find a breeder in this area and we were nervous about buying online. After my first conversation with Sindee I knew that I could trust her. They send weekly pictures and updates about your individual dog until he or she is ready to come home and they are always available by phone or email. It is a wonderful experience because you get to follow your puppy’s growth from the day they are born. Oh and let me also add that their Scotties are absolutely beautiful dogs! We highly recommend Shady Nook Scottie Farm! You will not be disappointed!

Reviewer: Meghan, July 16, 2010    



 Jack and Gunther

Several months ago my husband and I looked on line and found Sindee & Dale Harts Shady Nook Scottie Farm. We continued to look and contacted a few others. What we found was Sindee & Dale not only wanted to be the best they are the best. We had been communitcating about what we wanted when I saw on her web site a lilter was born on Oscar night and she had two boys we were interested in. I emailed her and Sindee responeded that same day and called me for an interview. Every week Sindee & Dale would send wonderfull updates and pictures. Any questions we had Sindee would answer right away and made us very comfortable with buying online. Dale was the greatest working with us on shipping the boys as he had to make a few changes. We now have two very healthy, very active, wonderfull boys to be part of our family. We can not thank them enough for all they have done. Thier passion for Scotties is unbelievable .

Reviewer: jackie, May 8, 2010    

You won't find a better Scottie breeder.

Sindee and Dale Hart, owners of Shady Nook Scottie Farm just have to be great scottie breeders. From the beginning they were extremely helpful in providing information about them, their love of scotties and the care and nurturing of given to the new-born puppies. Sindee went into great detail describing the lineage of their scotties , the limited breeding cycle (each female mates only once per year)and the care each new-born is given until it is ready to be released to its' new owners. Once the decision is made to purchase a puppy from Sindee and Dale we were updated weekly with progress reports and pictures. I think Sindee falls in love with each puppy of each new batch; you can tell by the way she describes your particular puppy. The business-end of the purchase is simple in its' execution... the details of each step are clearly stated and followed exactly as described... not a hitch. We just highly recommend Shady Nook Scottie Farm and the owners Dale and Sindee Hart.

Reviewer: Keith, May 5, 2010    

Most Beautiful Puppy Ever

If you are looking to add a Scottish Terrier to your family we would like you to check out the Shady Nook Scottie Farm. Our little Maggie is a beautiful Scottie with the most perfect features, she came to us clean and well cared for. Sindee and Dale are fantastic people who truly care about their Scotties and the families that adopt them. Please check them out if a Scottie pup is in your future, we whole heartedly reccomend Shady Nook Scottie Farm.

Reviewer: Beth, April 21, 2010    

Shady Nook Scottie Farm review

I just got my puppy within the last few weeks. It has been a great experience. I would strongly recommend this breeder. They keep you updated regarding the weight, activity, and send pictures to you weekly until you pick up your puppy.

Reviewer: R, April 12, 2010    

A Very Good Experience

I was quite hesitant about buying something as important as a puppy "over the internet", but I was ready for a new Scottie and couldn't find a suitable one with any of the local breeders in my area. I happened upon Shady Nook Scottie Farm's website through and subsequently spoke to Sindee directly. I was impressed by her knowledge, her professionalism, and her clear love for the breed. Plus, she was real nice. I described the kind of puppy I was looking for and she had the perfect one for me. She shared photos (of the puppy and of the parents) and lots of detailed information and she made the process very easy. Her husband Dale was also involved and expertly handled the logistics of shipping the puppy to me in California. It all went flawlessly and the puppy arrived - happy, healthy and adorable. I would highly recommend Shady Nook. In fact, I plan to add a second puppy before too long - and it will definitely be another Shady Nook Scottie.

Reviewer: Michael, April 11, 2010    



 Beautiful puppies

We were hesitant to buy online but rest assured, this is not a puppy mill. We received a beautiful, wiggly puppy on arrival at the airport. Dale and Sindee are very available to answer questions after you get your puppy home and diligently follow-up on your puppy's progress. We couldn't be more pleased. And our vet thinks our puppy is gorgeous! Thanks Dale and Sindee.

Reviewer: Yvonne, April 9, 2010    

Shady Nook Scottie Farm

I recently purchased a Scottie puppy from Shady Nook Scottie Farm-----I couldn't be more pleased with my Scottie or The breeders involved. Everything was handled so easily and so professionally--It was truly a pleasure doing business With Sindee and her husband. All of their Scotties were beautiful and well taken care of. They really are caring and very reputable breeders. Patricia Meile Bethalto, IL

Reviewer: Patricia, April 8, 2010    

Shady Nook Scotties are great!!

Sindee and Dale were a joy to purchase from. After we decided which puppy we wanted, we drove out to Indiana and picked him up. We were able to see the sire and dam on site. Sindee answered all our questions and has followed up with us after we got home. I don't think we could have found a better place to buy a Scottie if we tried! Their Scottie farm is very clean and it's not a puppy mill. They breed Scotties and only Scotties. It's nice to know that there are still honest folks out there to do business with. I would recommend Shady Nook Scotties to anyone!

Reviewer: ken, February 18, 2010    

MacDuff (Duke-red)

MacDuff is a wonderful 8wk. old male that I just purchased from Shady Nook. He is wonderful. The Harts had him highly socialized and ready to be a family member. He is a healthy, happy pup that adores to be loved and cuddled. He has adjusted well to his new home environment. He slept from 9:00 pm to 6:30 am. He has his own space and a crate that he enters when he is ready for a rest. He does love to have his head, back and tummy scratched. Just adorable! Sindee does have quality pets that are ready for a great and loving home. I researched may breeders and drove to Indiana to pick out my MacDuff. This is not a puppy mill; it is a family run small operation that loves Scotties and treats them with respect and dignity.

Reviewer: Anna, February 3, 2010    

An Awesome Experience

Sindee and Dale were an absolute joy to work with! We got photos every week of our little guy and their response time to your emails is unmatched! We picked up our little pup on 1/16 and he couldn't be better! He was paper trained and very healthy. Mom and Dad were on site for us to see and they had all of the paperwork ready when we arrived. They were so helpful with all of our questions. Walter already knows how to sit, come, shake, and lay down at 11 weeks! They are great people and made the experience of getting a puppy so wonderful! Thanks again!

Reviewer: Molly, February 1, 2010    



 Shady Nook is a First Class Breeder

We already owned a scottie with great breeding, and were looking for a brother for her when I stumbled onto the Shady Nook Scottie Farm website. I was impressed with the website, health guarantee, emphasis on temperament and health, and the overall quality seen in the photos of their breeding stock and the puppies! Oh, the puppies! They were by far the best looking wheatens we had seen, and immediately fell in love with Paul aka River of Sweetland as he is called today. Sindee and Dale are incredibly kind people that send you weekly updates & photos, truly love their babies, and make sure that the well-being of the pup is of the highest consideration. We were worried about him flying, but that went so smoothly as well,thanks to Dale's great planning. If you are considering buying a scottie puppy, this is the very best you can do for your family. He is perfect in every way.

Reviewer: Jill, January 31, 2010    

Wonderful experience

Sindee Hart has provided not only a wonderful little dog but an excellent dog buying experience. Our new puppy was exactly as advertised, very healthy, and a true delight. We picked our puppy up in Indiana and were pleased to see both parents of our puppy on site. Sindee is even providing help with housebreaking and other challenges. Have no fears about buying a puppy from Shady Nook, you will be VERY happy with your new Scottie friend.

Reviewer: Jacquelyn, January 31, 2010    

A perfect little puppy!

My family has loved and owned scotties for over 25 years, and we added a little gorgeous girl from Shady Nook Scotty Farm. We were very nervous about buying a puppy online (we did NOT want a puppy mill puppy) and I can not tell you how wonderful the breeder was to work with! Our baby arrived safe, healthy and has the most beautiful face! Her personality is funny and curious, sweet and loves to be in our laps..and playing with our older scotty, Edgar. The breeder made sure she arrived safely and took great care in her travels to us! Our puppy couldn't be better & our experience was such that we would always seek a puppy from this breeder! We are thrilled and grateful for such a magnificent addition to our family! Thank you Dale & Sindee at Shady Nook Scotty Farm. Sincerely, The Bondy Family

Reviewer: heather, January 29, 2010    

Bred for Looks & Temperment!!!

My husband gave me a Scottish Terrier for our wedding anniversary and I was put in charge of finding a great breeder and, since we live in Louisiana, we knew it would end up being out of state. I searched and searched and was not feeling comfortable with what I found until I found Shady Nook Scottie Farm on the website. I instantly knew this was the breeder for us after talking to Sindee over the phone. The vet was all smiles when he saw him and he was so impressed how healthy he looked and with his calm temperment. He was able to perform his exam with no problem. "Brutus" formerly "Hamish" is not hyper at all--he is playful, smart and a total ham. I highly recommend considering one of Sindee & Dale's puppies--they really do care and strive to uphold to the breed's standards with "forever home" in mind. Michelle & Mike, New Orleans, Louisiana

Reviewer: Michelle, January 27, 2010   

Wonderful Experience with Shady Nook

We discovered Shady Nook through a photo of the litter on, which is a daily treat you should try. We got our Wheaten Male Scotty, Redgy, this past Friday evening. Sindee Hart of Shady Nook Scotty Farm cares very much about her dogs and it shows. After we decided to purchase, we received weekly photos and descriptions of our pup and his development. This made the experience more than just an 8 week wait as we were able to watch him grow. When he got to Dallas After an 8 hour plane trip, he was much better looking than his pictures. He is sweet, calm and very bright. Our vet pronounced him "very healthy" and "quite a rare find". Sindee told us in our initial conversation that she breeds for temperament and she obviously knows how to achieve that goal. I highly recommend Shady Nook and hope that Redgy is not my last Shady Nook Scotty. Bob Rosen Dallas, Texas

Reviewer: Bob, January 27, 2010    




I am a true Scottie owner...they are all I've ever owned and once a Scottie owner, always a Scottie owner. I lost by beloved Tanner in 2006 and Taylor in 2010 (1/12/10). I was heartbroken with the unexpected loss of Taylor and a co-worker friend went on a search for reputable Scottish Terrier Breeders without me knowing....well, beyond my wildests expectations, she stumbled across Shady Nook Scottie Farms!! I instantly fell in love with the Wheatens (mine were brindle and black)and so the process began. I am now the proud mother of Tucker (aka: Dylan/Navyboy) and I am beyond thrilled! Sindee and Dale Hart are WONDERFUL and know exactly what they are doing!!! They breed gorgeous, well-adjusted, healthy Scottie babies!! They were angels sent to me during my mourning of Taylor! I would recommend them to ANYONE!!!! THANK YOU SINDEE AND DALE!!!!!

Reviewer: Kristen, January 24, 2010    

Two great little guys

We did internet search of Scottish Terrier breeders who bred for health and we hoped to see some Firebrand in the pedigree, Shady Nook showed up! They are a long ways from Montana but our boys arrived safely, healthy, and ready to go. These Hamish and Fergus have wonderful coats, definite personalities showing already (9.5 weeks), seem to be very intelligent, and bound around with happiness. The Harts are wonderful to deal with and the interview shows their caring on raising the puppies, placing the puppies, and delivering the puppies.They have a regimen that involves weighing the puppies and giving smaller ones a chance at food first, DNA testing for VWD and a confidence building guarantee. Pictures weekly and always ready to talk on the phone. We had a lot of concerns about the long flight, they are very reassuring. Very comfortable with the purchase and look forward to many years with Fergus and Hamish.

Reviewer: Christine, January 21, 2010    


The entire process for adopting our perfect little Abby was seamless. Sindee and Dale are very protective of their puppies, and express such concern for their welfare in their forever homes! They obviously love what they're doing, and adore their puppies.

Reviewer: Tammy, January 6, 2010    


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