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2008 Feedback

Empty house no longer

Sindee and Dale are wonderful breeders to work with. We contacted them after the loss of our 16 yr old Doxie Tannner. Our home was so empty and quiet. Sindee talked with me and told me all about her wonderful family of dogs. I knew I had found the right person to helps us out. We live nearby so we had the chance to visit their home and meet their "family" and were doubly conviced. They keep such detailed records and are so careful with the health of all their dogs. Their kennel is very large and clean with their dogs comfort in mind. We welcomed Duncan home knowing he was going to be healthy and happy. We were assured of the healthy from our vet and he shows us the happy every day. He is such a joy and fills our home with love and laughter. We still miss Tanner but can't imagine life without our Duncan. Thank You so much Sindee and Dale

Reviewer: Kathy, December 15, 2008    

Great Choice of Breeders!

Sindee and Dale have a wonderful kennel full of beautiful scotties. I called to inquire about a new puppy after we lost our 2nd scottie. Lucky for us, Riley delivered her puppies a little early. When we arrived to see the new litter of puppies, the mom, Riley, was needing assistance nursing her first litter. Dale and Sindee were constant and loving with their care of her. We knew after our first visit that our puppy would be given only the best attention! Just happens that Dale is a lifelong friend our our vet. He had nothing but positive things to say about the character of his friend. As of this writing, we have had Miss Chloe in our home for a week. She is precious and full of life. Her personality is the best. We bathed her today and her coat is just beautiful. If you are looking to purchase a new bundle of love and puppies are available from Shady Nook, it will be the best choice for quality puppies and breeding with integrity. Carol e

Reviewer: Carol e, December 14, 2008    

A Breeder Who Really Cares For Every Single Puppy

I had the daunting task of trying to find a breeder over the internet, but after one phone conversation with Sindee Hart, I knew she would be an excellent choice. She is very knowledgable and breeds solely Scotties. She tests for genetic diseases and takes excellent care of all of her new puppies. She doesn't breed her dogs constantly either. The dogs have excellent personalities and are excellent with children. I couldn't imagine going to another breeder!

Reviewer: Scott, December 13, 2008    

A Scottish Terrier breeder with heart

Sindee and Dale impressed me with there dedication to the breed, and also insuring that their puppies are provided to good quality homes. Communication weekly from the point the litter was born up to the point I picked my new best friend up from them. By the time I had actually held the pup I felt like I knew him already. They provide a great service and really make every effort to insure the quality of their pups and the stability of the breed from their sires and dames. If and when I am looking for another Scottie pup I will be seeking out Shady Nook first and foremost. A total pleasure!

Reviewer: Robert, December 13, 2008



I was a little hesitant to purchase a puppy over the internet, and then I called Sindee at Shady Nook Scottie Farm. I could tell from my very first conversation with her that she was a caring, careful breeder who made every effort to breed healthy, happy, top of the line dogs. So, luckily, we got our name on the list for the next litter of puppies. They were born a few weeks later, and Sindee sent us pictures of all of the puppies as well as her opinion of which puppy was the personality type we were looking for. After we chose him from the pictures, she sent us weekly photos and emails on how he was doing, and we recently made the trip and picked up our blue-black male Scottie at Shady Nook. He is absolutely wonderful and exactly what we wanted! We highly recommend Sindee and Dale as breeders, and I would never hesitate to purchase a puppy from them; either on-line or in person. Thanks, Sindee and Dale, our little guy is fabulous!

Reviewer: Darlena, December 2, 2008    

sherlock and bonnie

i talked to sindee for awhile and she answered many ?s i had.she had a pair available,sherlock and miss bonnie.when they arrived,they were everthing we expected,and then some,all papers in order and two of the healthiest and happy scotties i,ve ever seen.they had the best of care during thier trip from indiana to texas which took four was a pleasureto meet maryann,the lady who delivered them and highlyrecommend her.she stayed in touch with us during the trip. sindee and dale at shady nook took care of everything. thier honesty above all,thier love and affection for thier scotties and willingness to answer any ?s you may have about thier scotties takes 2nd place to nobody! once again;thank-you dale and sindee for sherlock and bonnie,they have made our lives complete again.

Reviewer: donald, November 29, 2008    


Look no further, the Shady Nook scottie farm is an excellent choice if you're looking for a healthy, happy, well raised companion. Even if you don't live in their area, they are able to provide, one way or another, safe, reliable transport for your scottie. They are easy to get a hold of, which is a plus. Many scottie breeders I had called before this didn't even bother to reply to my messages I left on their answering machine. They will answer any questions you may have, and are very kind and polite. You can tell from the get go that they aren't simply looking to make a profit. They ensure that both the owner, and the puppy will be happy. Don't take my word for it, call them up and find out how informative and helpful they are.

Reviewer: Justin, November 11, 2008    


Our experience with Sindee and Dale of Shady Nook Scottie Farm has been outstanding! From the moment we found their ad in a dog magazine, all our phone calls and emails we have had nothing but the very best experience leading to the successful purchase of Licorice. I have had a Scottie at my side for 50 years, thus know them very well. This is an exceptional happy, healthy puppy. The love and care given to each puppy not to mention the understanding and commitment Sindee & Dale have to the breed is a sign of the true professional breeder. From purchasing via the internet, flying to New York, everything has been a class act. Sindee and Dale have calmed our fears and concerns during those early days and still remain in touch to follow up on how we are doing. Please feel free to email me regarding your potential purchase of a Shady Nook Scottie, I am delighted to share our success story and help calm any concerns you may have.

Reviewer: Pat, November 10, 2008   

Loving ,Caring Breeder

Oh Romeo, O Romeo, I found my Romeo!! And what a sweetie he is. In my search I stumbled on to Shady Nook Scottie Farm. That was my luck day. Not only have I found a healthy , happy Scottie but I have made two new good friends in Sindee and Dale. They care a great deal about their scotties and their off spring. They are always there to answer my questions and to pass on information concerning diet, vitamins ect....... so I can give Romeo the best care possible. When I am ready to add another Scottie to my family (and I will) I will head straight to Shady Nook. It is good to find people who truly care about the animals and not the money. Thanks so much for EVERYTHING Sindee and Dale. Sincerely, Joy

Reviewer: Joy, October 25, 2008    


 Miles for Smiles

I lost my 13 year old scottie to cancer in March, 2007. In my search for another scottie, I came across Shady Nook Farm. I did not get a pup from her at that time because we got a local rescue scottie and another from a breeder closer to us( Shady Nook Farm is 800 miles away). Sindee, the owner, was kind enough to understand and we quickly became email buddies, sharing pictures and updates on the pups. We even spoke on the phone a few times. Last week our rescue got lose, was hit by a car and died. Sindee was one of the first people I called. We made arrangements to drive out to IN and picked up a beautiful, healthy, well socialized female wheaten pup. I was so happy to finally met Sindee and see her Farm. And I can't praise her enough for the kindness & concern she showed towards me. You can image the care she gives to her own, this is her labor of love and it shows in the wellbred dogs that she is raising. Shady Nook Farm is by all means the place to get an addition to your family!

Reviewer: nancy, October 3, 2008    

A delightful experience

Shady Nook Scottie Farm....Sindee and Dale Hart....a memorable experience for me. Upon visiting with Sindee and Dale Hart, I was impressed first of all by their warm greeting and the invitation to see all of their dogs....including seven happy, healthy, romping little 7 week old "celebrity" puppies. Their willingness to spend over an hour with me sharing information, knowledge, and assurance of their continuing support should I make the decision to purchase one of these adorable puppies gave me the confidence they would be there for me. I would highly recommend the Shady Nook Scottie Farm to anyone seeking a Scottish Terrier. Sindee and Dale Hart are honest, hard working, southern Indiana natives with a breadth of experience in raising Scottish Terriers. I did return to purchase one of their puppies and they have been there for me when I needed them, always cheerful welcoming, warm, confident.

Reviewer: Patricia, September 6, 2008    

wonderful puppies from Shady Nook Scottie Farm

I purchased a puppy recently from Shady Nook Scottie Farm. The owners truly care about their puppies. They interview the potential owners to determine if the puppy is going to go to a good home. They have kept in touch with me to see how the puppy is getting along with my other scotties. I would recommend Shady Nook Scottie Farm to anyone that is interested in purchasing a puppy. They also made it very easy for me to receive my puppy. It was too hot to fly the puppy to TX so Brody was shipped via a van to TX. They have their puppies best interest at heart.

Reviewer: Brenda, August 26, 2008   

shady nook puppies

id like to start this review with a shoutout to dale and sindee thank you thank you for a beautiful puppy .ozzy is wonderful he says hello and sends his love to you .to any one who shops the internet for a puppy especiaiiy a scotty you owe to yourself to look up shady nook scotties these wonderful people dale and sindee have really done there homework on this breed and there love for these dogs is second to none. there willingness to go the distance to answer questions and i asked several they were always there. when you just in your heart that these two people are on the up and up when it comes to there new puppies and the breed. i would not hesitate to tell anyone about this sight and for myself i will definitly be doing business with dale and sindee again and looking forward to it thank you sindee ps ozzy and i keep in touch mike

Reviewer: mike, August 21, 2008    

It's a big decision!!!!!!!!!

I just received our puppy from Shady nook Farm & she is outstanding.I started researching Scotties 2 1/2 years ago.I didn't trust buying anything over the computer, never mind a live animal!I looked endlessly for a breeder in New England but couldn't find any.I found Shady Nook Farm web-site & read some(ok,all) the reviews that people had written.I called Sindee & talked to her about Scotties.Honestly,I was a bit apprehensive about making such a big decision & investment without seeing these dogs first hand. After talking with Sindee & being approved by her, that I would be allowed to purchase one of her puppies, I was put on the waiting list.I was putting my faith in the honesty of people I didn't know at all.Let me tell you ...Faith won out! The Harts are absolutely wonderful people and produce magnificent puppies.I wouldn't get my next Scottie from anyone but Shady Nook Farm. Thank you Sindee & Dale for allowing our family to be blessed with one of your puppies.

Reviewer: ruth, August 15, 2008    

 Maggie Mae McDuff-Beaty- Shady Nook Scottie Farm

What delightful people Sindee and Dale are!DO NOT be afraid to buy a puppy over the internet from them!I searched the internet for a Scottie and happened upon Shady Nook,and am so glad that I did.Shady Nook is not a puppy mill, these dogs and puppies are part of their family and treated as pets not just breeders,there are no cages filled with dogs that never get attention.We had Maggie to her required vet check on 8/12/08 and the vet said that she was in perfect health and that she was the most perfect scottie he has seen in quite a while,of course this was after everyone had to oh and ah over her.When I am ready for a scottie myself I will go to no one but Sindee and Dale at Shady Nook Scottie farm.They care about their little four legged friends and about the humans that purchase the puppies.Sindee is a great person to buy a puppy from, after talking with her you will know why.Thanks Sindee! Vicki,Indianapolis,Indiana

Reviewer: Vicki, August 13, 2008    

Purchasing a Scottie

I recently purchased my first Scottie from Shady Nook Scottie Farm. By the time I picked up Maggie I knew everything I needed to know about a scottie. I will not hesistate about buying another scottie, but it will only be through shady Nook!! I sent the deposit and was not concerned about getting my puppy. This is not a puppy mill,Sindee and Dale live with these puppies every day, they are a part of the family not just breeders. If you purchase a puppy from them you will get all the info you need and will get a very healthy puppy.

Reviewer: Vicki, August 12, 2008    

Thank heavens for little dogs!!!

I am so glad I found Shady Nook Scotties through the internet. I have looked and looked for a trustworthy breeder near me in Wisconsin. I found Shady Nook in nearby Indiana. Shady Nook came to the rescue of my broken heart. I recently lost my best buddy of 14 years and found I can not live without a Scottie as my little shadow. Now I have Mac Duff, and had a wonderful experience getting to know Shady Nook through e-mails and phone calls. I just love my little boy, and the way Shady Nook kept me informed and updated with pictures and info about my little guy every week, I felt like Charlotte on “Sex and the City” waiting for my Chinese baby. These people really love their dogs and care about the people who are going to be their new families. What a great place and experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Ever heard the old adage I'd Walk a mile for a Camel (cigarette ad) well, I drove ten hours for my Scottie. And I’d do it again!

Reviewer: Karen, August 6, 2008    

After numerous phone calls, trips, disappointment

I found Sindee on "SHADYNOOK" & called. She freelly shared with me abundant info on Scotties, breeds, colors, & availability. We kept in touch until she called to tell me my black pup was born; then. providentially, her friend, Sheila Rush called her & my wheaten pup was born! Both these gals were honest and wonderful with me for me to have two of the most beautiful babies. Sindee even gave up her female she intended to keep for herself related to 'Barny' at the Whitehouse! I so much appreciate all the love & care the've given to breed & raise these magnificant dogs. I had some terrible contacts before these two breeders. I rate Sindee & Sheila "TOPS"! Teri Moore

Reviewer: Teri, July 7, 2008    

Thrilled with our Scottie

My husband and I couldn't be happier with our scottie we picked up a week ago. Sindee and Dale met with us and answered all of our questions and gave us tips and advice on feeding, training etc. They kept in touch while we were waiting for him to turn 8 weeks old and sent us weekly pictures via email. We are impressed with the health guarentee and the lengths that Shady Nook goes to as breeders to be sure that the puppies are bred to be free of many of the dreaded scottie diseases like DVW.

Reviewer: Merry, June 21, 2008    

 Bringing Paisley to PA

We traveled over 1,000 miles round trip to get our little Scottie from Shady Nook Scottie farm 3 weeks ago. From the beginning, Sindee was most helpful in explaining everything from the purchasing process to places good to eat and stay overnight the day before picking her up. We were given plenty of advice, a nice "care package" to get us started, and were able to meet Paisley's mom and dad also. Both Sindee and her husband really care about the puppies that they breed and was obvious from the the very first encounter. Our pup is settling in very well, and she has become a very special part of our family already. Thanks again... for giving us our beautiful pet! The Rateau Family Moon Twp., PA

Reviewer: Robert, June 21, 2008    

Abigail McKenna

I purchased my first Scottie pup from Shady Nook. Sindee and Dale Hart are great animal people and very well informed on the breed. Their dogs are beautiful, their accomodations for the pups are exceptionally clean and well taken care of. It was a wonderful experience for me. My little Abigail McKenna (Abby Mack) is so precious and fits in with my crew (I have ten dogs and two cats) quite well. She can handle herself around the older ones too.

Reviewer: Donna, June 8, 2008    

We found our Angus!

On Puppy Find we found the marvelous breeders Dale and Sindee Hart. We emailed and visited by phone and determined that this was the place, the farm home of Shady Nook Scottie Farm to purchase our "Angus". We drove to Boonville, Mo from Colorado to meet the lovely owners. We were so comfortable with their operation. Everything is true on Puppy Find about Shady Nook Scottie Farm. Angus is so healthy and active and so smart. We will have many years of pleasure knowing that we have THE VERY BEST SCOTTIE!

Reviewer: Marylin, June 5, 2008    

Our Scottie Is An Absolute Joy!

We have wanted a Scottie for years, but we were leery of puppy-mills. When we found Shady Nook Farm, we knew we had a winner. Dale and Sindee Hart have been a pleasure to work with in acquiring our wonderful laddie, MacDuff. The Harts have sent us photos of MacDuff since he was new-born. We loved him the moment we saw his picture, 9 weeks before we received him at the Houston airport. The air shipment from Indiana to Houston, because of the airline, had problems, but the Harts quickly and professionally took care of them. Our MacDuff arrived hale and hearty, an assertive, bouncing, friendly bundle of black/brindle joy. We cannot thank the Harts for their caring and professional attitude. We heartily recommend this breeder without reservation. They love their Scotties- and the results show. David and JoAnn Deatkine.

Reviewer: David, May 31, 2008    

Founding a Great Scottie

I had been looking for a scottie for about a year before founding Shady Nook Farm. If if anyone is looking for a healthy scottie puppy and want know their puppy is healthy. Shady Nook Farm is the place to find a scottie. Sindee has all of her scottie's tested so you know they are healthy. Sindee & Dale Hart are two of the nicest people I have met and so helpful and informative. My husband and I was also really impress with their kennel. Thank You Sindee & Dale for such a good experience. Carol & Larry

Reviewer: Carol J., May 3, 2008    

 our new scottie

I had a wonderful experience with Shady Nook Scottie Farms. From the beginning, Sindee was extremely helpful and ALWAYS willing to answer questions, or just to chat about Scotties. I could call anytime and she would update me on my Scottie's progress; she also sent many pictures each week. We now have our new Scottie, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Sindee! Brad

Reviewer: bradley, April 22, 2008    

Finding Gus

We lost our 12yr old Scottie to cancer.She was our 4th Scottie. Once you own a Scottie nothing else will do:) I started searching for another one in late Feb. and found Shady Nook on PuppyFind.I emailed Sindee and she answered immediately. We talked the next day and she told me she was expecting a litter in early March! On March 2 Gus was born. Sindee sent me pictures right away and updated them weekly,along with his wt. On April 18 we went to get Gus. He's the sweetest little guy. Happy,healthy and full of energy! It was wonderful to meet Gus' parents and their other dogs. This is a first class operation! The dogs are loved and well cared for. The puppies are well socialized. We were very impressed, and feel very lucky to have found Sindee and Dale. In just a few days our Gus has made us so happy! He is a true Scottie,loving,full of pep and so fierce when something startles him:) His tiny bark is so funny! We are thrilled we found Shady Nook and their wonderful owners! The Harrisons

Reviewer: Harriet, April 20, 2008   

Great & Reputable Breeder

Sindee is really helpful and is a wealth of knowledge. She is very patient and answered all of my questions without hesitation. Shady Nook Farm's seems to really have the best interest of the breed at heart which is really refreshing.

Reviewer: C., March 29, 2008    

Sindee is an excellent breeder!

I didn't buy a puppy from Sindee, but had a wonderful experience. I've lived with 5 Scotties since I was 5 years old. They've come from a range of breeders...a family breeding a single dog, to one of the top breeders in the country. Called Sindee upon the loss of our last wonderful Scottie. We "interviewed" each other. I was very impressed. She could have put me on her list and sold me a dog in a few months...but immediately referred me to a great quality breeder who had a pup available who met our needs. She got us the right dog, without concern for her own interests. That speaks volumes. I would buy a pup from her in a heartbeat. Her understanding of this breed, her commitment to health testing, and her desire to match puppies with the right owners is exactly what I wanted in a breeder, even tho' I didn't buy from her. I was scared to use the internet as a source for breeders...Sindee pleasantly proved me wrong. Checked her references - they LOVED her dogs! Sue Eubanks

Reviewer: Sue, March 13, 2008    

Marjorie's Smile

I recently purchased a male pup (Sir MacIntosh Ashley VIII) for my 85 year old lady friend. She requires 24 hour care and wanted on last Mac (Scottie). I searched all over the internet, and one of my caregivers found the Harts. They went over and above the duties of a breeder. They traveled half of the distance between our house (Ohio) and theirs (Indiana) to make sure that Margie had her one last wish. Ms. Ashley (Margie) has had several Scotties over her 85 years, but she had to have one more and Shady Nook made this possible. Each morning when I arrive at the house, He runs excitedly to his "Daddy" and I couldn't be more pleased! He truly has brightened the life of a terminally ill lady and the lives of my staff and myself. I am so glad that this pup, thanks to Shady Nook, has brightened the last days of Marjorie's Smile! Thanks again!

Reviewer: Chris, February 7, 2008    



 Sydney Grace, our new baby

We purchased Sydney 2 weeks ago, my daughter and I went to pick her up and they were lovely people. They explained any questions we may have had and the puppies are georgeous. We could not be more pleased with our new baby girl! Thank you Shady Nook Scottie Farm.

Reviewer: crystal, January 29, 2008    

Best Scottie

ShaddyNook Kennels are professional all the way. Our Scottie puppy "Oliver" is about as perfect as a puppy could be. The Hart's are wonder people and a pleasure to do business with. They are kind and caring people who bend over backwards to make sure their puppies are placed in a good home. We could not be more pleased. Oliver in Birmingham, AL

Reviewer: Keith, January 29, 2008    

Great Scot(ties!)

The Hart family has to be the most organized, loving, safe, clean and conscienous Scottie breeder in the country. Our "Mac" is awesome!! You can tell he has been WELL bred and cared for. Sindee has provided him (and others that I noticed) a healthy environment and a great start with our family. We are so fortunate to have found Shady Nook Farm. We have already mentioned to her of our plans to return for another Scottie. "Mac" is calm, loving, playful and has added new spark to our older scottie, Lassie (who needed a play friend). She provides you with much more than you would ever expect when adopting one of her puppies. I don't believe you could find a better Scottie breeder.

Reviewer: Cathy, January 29, 2008    

Buying A Scottie From Shady Nook

I had a great experience buying Ella from the Harts. They were honest about her behavior and appearance. They worked hard to get her to me without delay. They truely cared what type of home she was going to and if she was going to be taken care of properly. Their dogs are part of their family! The only down side was that I felt the price was too great for a pet, since I said I was going to spay her. It seemed more in line with what a show dog would go for.

Reviewer: Mary, January 17, 2008   

Second Scottie

I just got my second Scottie from Shady Nook Scottie Farm. These are two great dogs, very smart and good looking. Dealing with the Hart's has been wonderful.

Reviewer: Margaret, January 11, 2008    

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