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2007 Feedback

Would buy again and recommend to anyone

This farm has been the best. They have done everything they said they would and more. We are very happy w/ our puppy. Thanks for making the 3 Bears have a great Christmas.

Reviewer: HEather, December 29, 2007    


Recently adopted puppy from shadynook scottie farm, our puppy is very outgoing social and gets along with other scottie in the house. Our vet visit checked out okay, The Harts are very kind and concerned about the puppies wellbeing. We would highly recommend Shadynook scottie farm.

Reviewer: jan, December 27, 2007    

perfect scottie

I got my female pup (FERGIE) OCT 7 form Sindee home to mine in South Portland, Maine. she is so cute, perfect in every way. As for Sindee when you talk to her you will understand just how fortunate you are to have found her. Two yrs. ago I lost my first scottie after haveing her for twelve yrs. she had alot of health problems so I looked long and hard for a honest breeder before getting another scottie. now I have my new pup who is healthy and I could not be happier........Sindee is the best.

Reviewer: deborah, October 30, 2007    

Perfection at Shady Nook

I have two Scotties from Shady Nook. William arrived a year ago and Pippin a couple of months ago. I will admit I was nervous purchasing dogs over the internet, I had a thousand questions and concerns. Sindee was a fountain of information and her knowledge of the breed and experience as a breeder eased all of my concerns and I placed my trust in her. I AM ELATED with both of them. I knew instantly I had made the right decision. Over the last year I have been amazed that Sindee is available to answer questions or just talk about the breed or share a funny story anytime I e-mail or call. Her passion and enthusiasm for the Scottish Terrier is priceless. If you are considering a dog from Shady Nook and want to talk feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to share both of my experiences in purchasing a scottie from Sindee. Sincerely, Suzanne Dearie

Reviewer: Suzanne, October 26, 2007    



 Harts with Heart

Recently (October 14th) received my baby boy (Jazzbeaux) from Sindee Hart after being introduced to Sindee and Dale through more honest and devoted Scottie breeder you will not find. Sindee puts a lot of love into her breeding and it shows in the beautiful temperament of the lovely puppies that she delivers! Anyone thinking of purchasing a pup should call Sindee and talk with her. Sindee's warm personality and concern for the breed will win you over immediately! Sindee loves to talk Scottie! I must admit, my greatest concern was the shipment of the pup from Indiana to New Jersey....Jazzbeaux arrived safe and sound and we have been inseparable ever since! God Bless!

Reviewer: Paul, October 26, 2007    

Perfect Scottie Pup

McLean of the Hartland has been with me for a week now, and he's all a Scottie should be. He is very well socialized, and I'm as pleased as can be. Sindee Hart was wonderful to work with, and her nurturing spirit shows in her pups. I highly recommend her outstanding Scottie babies and feel fortunate to have gotten one. Holly Roberts Houston, TX

Reviewer: Holly, October 26, 2007    

Perfect Scottie

I have been waiting years for the time to be right to purchase a Scottie. After doing a lot of research online to find a breeder, I decided to work with Sindee. I was excited every week to get updates and pictures of my little Montie. When I finally got to pick him up, I could not have been more pleased. He is everything that I expected to find in a Scottie. He is healthy, energetic, curious, and well-socialized. I definitely recommend Shady Nook Scotties.

Reviewer: Sheri, October 17, 2007    

Very happy and pleased with Paisley McGowan

When I located the website, I was unsure at first, but after talking with Sindee multiple times, I told my husband, I wanted a puppy from her. Our family has been owning scotties for the past 25 years and we love the breed. My male, Mac, has severe allergies and has been to Auburn, AL for treatment. FYI, anyone that has a dog with the severe scratching or allergies should go there. It is #1!. Well, after checking references from Sindee, I wanted to make sure my new pup did not have a history of health problems. I was completely satisfied and drove from Birmingham, AL to her to pick up our new addition. The parents and other scotties were on site and had clean kennels and the other pups from Paisley's litter were as healthy as she was. I would definitely do business in the future. Sindee is very honest and picky about who gets her puppies. Thanks, Hollye

Reviewer: Hollye, October 5, 2007    

She is precious!!!!

I am not only a first time Scottie owner, but first time buying over the internet. I found Shady Nook on Called up Sindee, and they are awesome. She came through with everything she said she would and more. We just received our little female scottie today! She had traveled for at least 7 hours and still when we picked her up she was full of energy, well socialized, and a pure joy to be around. Sindee is wonderful to talk to and will answer any and all of your questions. I highly recommend Shady Nook if you are looking for a great Scottie to join you and your family. Thank you so much Sindee and Dale! Sincerely, The Follini Family

Reviewer: Susan, September 7, 2007    


 Wonderful Puppy

I am from Michigan and breed Scotties. I was looking for a healthy female Scottie with champion bloodline, so I can continue breeding Scotties. Sindee worked with me to get such a puppy. She let me back out from purchasing from one litter and wait for the next litter that had more champions in it’s back ground. I original wanted a black female and picked the blackest puppy from the litter. But the puppy developed some red within a few weeks. Sindee was great on letting me know and giving me the option to back out of purchasing the puppy. But I decided to not too and purchased Ebony. I found Sindee to be an honest caring breeder and would recommend her to anyone.

Reviewer: Rebecca, September 6, 2007    

Finding the Right Puppy

My name is Jodeana Raney and I live in Linton, IN. We were looking for a Scottish Terrier and I got on line to see if there were any breeders in the area I live in. I looked at the Shady Nook Scottie Farm website and fell in love with the puppies. I contacted Sindee Hart and immediately I knew she was the one I wanted to purchase a puppy from. Her and her husband were very friendly and was able to explain to me different characteritics of the breed and what to expect from a new puppy. My husband and I had once breed Yorkshire Terriers and I knew how particular we were about selling our dogs to the right person and Sindee had that same desire. I was able to get a little female puppy from Shady Nook and we could not be happier. She has brought so much joy to us and I truly recommend Shady Nook to anyone who may be interested in the Scottish Terrier.

Reviewer: Jodeana, August 31, 2007    

Male puppy

The puppy we received from this breeder is full of spunk and personality. He is healthy and happy. He is the second Scotty we have purchased from the Hearts.

Reviewer: Kevin, August 30, 2007    

Really Cares About Her Dogs

This is the first puppy that my fiance and I have gotten on our own. We were nervous about looking for a dog online without seeing it for ourselves first, but we decided to call Sindee to see what she had to tell us. We knew instantly that she really cared about her dogs as well as Scotties as a breed. She answered all of our questions and left us feeling much more confident. When we finally arranged to get our pup Sindee and Dale drove all the way to Mt. Vernon to meet us. Our little girl is just beautiful and has a terrific personality as well. I am so glad that we choose Shady Nook Scottie Farm!

Reviewer: Rachael, August 28, 2007    

5 Star Experience with Shady Nook Scottie Farm!

Sindee and Dale Hart were terrific! After finally coming to the realization that we would not be able to have any more children, and wanting a Scottie for years, we decided to look for breeder. I spoke with different breeders and never really felt comfortable with any of them. The first time I spoke with Sindee I felt so comfortable, it was as if I had known her for years. We waited a few months and a few litters before we got our Scottie because we were very specific as to what we wanted. We didn’t mind the wait, it was worth it. Sindee sent us pictures and updates every week and was always available to answer any questions. We were very impressed with the Farm and her beautifully, well cared for Scotties. I knew that we were getting a quality dog that had been loved and cared for very much. Our newest addition, Fergie, has settled in very well and is doing excellent. She loves everyone and is such a good puppy. We highly recommend Shady Nook Scottie Farm to everyone!

Reviewer: Maria, August 22, 2007    



 Shady Nook is the Very Best!!!

Fortunately, we live close and were able to visit Shady Nook. Their farm is absolutely charming! Their diligence to cleanliness is amazing! We saw every dog and every puppy, not because we were undecided, but because Sindee and Dale are so proud and care for every one of them! We know that ALL puppies are cute, but Shady Nook has the most beautiful adult Scotties that we have ever seen! We had a 7 month old Brindle female (Kate) and purchased a 12-week old Wheaton male (Rylee). We have found that Scotties are like Lay's potato chips ... no one should have just ONE! We recommend anyone looking for a quality Scottie to check availability at Shady Nook FIRST!

Reviewer: Jeff / Carla, August 11, 2007    

The best Scotties and an honest breeder....

I had a deposit down for a male puppy with Shady Nook. When the litter was born they were all girls. Sindee refunded my deposit, and helped me get a great puppy by referring me to another breeder, where I have purchased a male. I know other breeders would not have given the deposit back - I would have had to wait for another puppy. I went to her farm to see her dogs and I have a deposit for another one (yes, my 3rd Scottie - 2nd one from Sindee). The quality of her Scotties is "The Best". She is the most knowledgeable breeder that I have talked to. Thanks, Sindee for your help and fun phone conversations !! I can't wait to get my new puppy from you !!

Reviewer: Martha, July 30, 2007   ]

Breeder who really cares

Sindee and her husband are so nice! When we first talked on the phone the first thing she promised me is that she would be there for me beginning, during, and after the sale... even if I didnt buy a scottie from her! She is incredibly knowledgeable. She was expecting a litter of seven pups so I put a deposit down for a boy. Well guess what, she had all girls- which is rare! She was so wonderful... giving me options. She didnt try to talk me into a puppy I didnt want. Instead she gave me referrals of trusted breeders that she has worked with who had puppies available. So I'm getting a puppy from a friend of hers, and Sindee is still promising to help me raise him. Oh, and she gave me my deposit back too. :-) A++

Reviewer: Patricia, July 7, 2007    

Extremely Happy

I couldn't be happier with the puppy that I adopted from Mr. and Mrs. Hart at Shady Nook Scotties. This was my first time finding a pet online, so I was a little nervous. I called Sindee and she answered all my questions and made me feel safe about adopting from her. Since I only lived a few hours away, I picked up my little girl and had a wonderful experience. After meeting the the Harts and my puppies parents, I knew that my puppy was well taken care of and came from a loving home. My new puppy, Millie, has the best personality, she was up to date on her shots, and they gave me paperwork to assure me that her parents were tested for a genetic disease known to scotties. If I decide on another scottie in the future, I will go with Shady Nook Scotties. Thanks so much for my Millie.

Reviewer: Eleni, July 2, 2007    


Purchased a black female scotty in May..couldn't be happy. We're so happy with our puppy. Shady Nook was a great place to get a puppy. Great bloodlines, great dogs, and great people! Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Cassi, July 1, 2007    

 Very happy with our new scottie girl

We are very pleased and satisfied with Sindee and Dale at Shady Nook. This was our third scottie, and a visit to pick up our new girl gave us confidence that the scottie parents and their pups are being raised with proper loving care and attention in an outstanding environment. After some less-than-desireable experiences in the past with other scottie breeders, we wouldn't hesitate to return to Shady Nook in the future or to recommend it to others who love scotties.

Reviewer: b, June 23, 2007    

Completely Satisfied Customer

Sindee Hart, owner/breeder forShady Nook Scotties, is a fabulous lady to work with when buying a Scottie Puppy (in my case, TWO!) Sindee is completely dedicated to her puppies, and is so helpful to the prospective buyer. Our puppies arrived in perfect health, and are gorgeous and so very loving. Because Sindee is so involved with her puppies, we felt like we already knew them before they arrived--she sends weekly updates and pictures when the pups are born! Give her a call, and from the first conversation you will feel confident in your decision to purchase a Scottie from Shady Nook!

Reviewer: Anne, June 22, 2007    

Mr and Mrs Hart at Shady Nook are the greatest!

My wife and I picked up our little Lizzie (Elizabeth Taylor) today and Wow what a large package of energy packed in such a small body! She, Liz, is a very healthy little Scottie to say the least and not showing any signs of wear from the flight down. Dale and Sindee had been in touch with us throughout the entire process from providing the flight and reservation information to giving us a call as soon as Liz was on her way home to us. And they in turn wanted to know that she made it to our appreciative arms as soon as we picked her up. Dale and Sindee have a deep love for their dogs which goes far beyond that of other breeders we have encountered. They have been and are at the top of their profession. Guess when you love what you are doing it shows, right? Thank you Dale and Sindee for answering our barrage of questions and for offering to keep your information line open to us in the future. Phil and Kay McMillin Oakfield, Tennessee

Reviewer: Philip, June 9, 2007    

Bonnie Braeburn

Braeburn recently entered our home as the 6th Scottish Terrier we have owned through the years. Although this was my first time purchasing a puppy online, Sindee made the experience very professional and easy to manage. Braeburn arrived in great health, with the typical Scottie temperment and was definitely well cared for. My daughter actually visited the kennel for me and called home to say that she had found someone as fussy about their dogs as I was. I would higly recommend a Shady Nook puppy.

Reviewer: Victoria, May 30, 2007    

"LOKI"'s New Family..

Our family is so happy to have our little male brindle "LOKI" home with us. He is a wonderful, intelligent, mischievous, perfect Scottie! Through the three days of travel to get home he was just fantastic, quite the trooper for an eight week old puppy. Our three young nieces and our ten year old son adore him as do we. He is well socialized and spunky as can be. His ears are already standing and his confirmation is perfect. My dad is a veterinarian and my mom a dog obedience instructor and both gave him five stars.. he is exactly what we were looking for!! THANK YOU SINDEE AND DALE... We love having Loki with us in his forever home!!

Reviewer: Michael, May 29, 2007    


 Happy Scottie

We recently received our Scottie, Marlo, from Sindee in Pittsburgh and as soon as we saw him, we lost all of our nervousness. He was a happy, curious, and loving puppy! He is friendly to our neighbors as well as being social with our older Scottie. I have heard horror stories of buying pets over the internet but one phone call with Sindee made me confident that not only were we going to receive our Scottie but it was loved. I really enjoyed the weekly updates as we waited for our puppy to grow strong enough to travel. I will suggest Shady Nook to anyone I meet wanting to purchase a Scottie. Thank you Sindee for the loving new addition to out family!

Reviewer: jennifer, May 29, 2007    

Family raised Scotties

We recently purchased a Scottie from Sindee and have had a wonderful experience. It was obvious from the time that we stepped foot in their home to look at the puppies that they were well taken care of and treated like members of the family. The weekly photos and updates were great. Our children enjoyed hearing the geneology of the puppy and thought it was wonderful that our puppy is a distant relative of Barney Bush. Sindee was helpful and gave us advise on raising the puppy. The Scottie is healthy, has a beautiful coat, and has that curious,playful Scottie personality! Pam in Evansville, IN

Reviewer: Pam, May 28, 2007    

Excellent person

Sindee is a very kind person. Very reliable. She always was ready to answer all my questions, and I only had to see the puppy´s pictures to fall in love.

Reviewer: SAYURI, May 26, 2007    

All the way to Alaska...

Sindee and Dale have been simply wonderful to work with. Living in a remote part of Alaska, using the internet to find a new Scottie after we lost our little female this past month was a great option. The photos of the breeding pair posted by Shady Nook were a great reference, as well Sindee has been sending photos of our puppy as he grows. They have been just marvelous answering all of our questions and in assiting with shipping and getting our puppy to Alaska. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.. please feel free to contact us

Reviewer: Kris, May 21, 2007    

Sindee's Shady Nook is the BEST !!

I recently purchased a male Scottie puppy from Sindee. It was such a satifying experience to talk to people who love their puppies the way they do. I was drawn to my puppy because of the wonderful pictures on PuppyFind. Their care of the puppies was evident in talking to Sindee on the phone, but was extraordinary when I visited their home to pick up my puppy. My puppy had never been outdoors when I picked him up - they keep all the puppies in their house ! Sindee gives an outstanding health guarantee, and my vet found the puppy to be in perfect health!! They offered to make all of the arrangements to ship my puppy, but encouraged me to pick him up so that I could see his sire and dam. Their breeding program is WONDERFUL, and what a pedigree their males have - in particular Albert Einstein and Sherlock Holmes !! They are related to Barney Bush !! ..and have bunches of champions in their 5-generation pedigree !! Chuck W.

Reviewer: Chuck, May 21, 2007    


 Proud to be owned by my scottie

I recently purchased a wonderful scottie we named William from Sindee.I had never purchased a dog over the internet or even with out the benefit of holding him first. I was concerned about the flight to get him to me here in Florida but Sindee knew just how to get him here safe and healthy. The love and care Sindee gives to her scotties at Shady Nook is apparent in the beautiful puppies she raises. William is healthy, joyful and he came pre-spoiled. I am so thankful I found her, she is knowledgable and willing to share it with you. If you are considering being owned by a scottie you just found the perfect place. Don't hesitate Shady Nook is the best! Suzie in Tallahassee, FL

Reviewer: Suzanne, February 3, 2007    

You Have Found the Breeder You Wished For

Never have I owned a Scottie,but it was a new breed of dog I had always hoped to have someday. I had all kinds of questions and searched the Puppyfind breeders for one who would answer all my questions and make me feel that I had found the right one. Well,Shady Nook Scotties and the owners Sindee and Dale made me feel at ease, they answered all my questions about vWD,to allergies,to puppy food,to a meriad of other topics.I always got an answer and found them to be knowledgable,and very helpful.They called on the phone and we talked about everything I wanted to. Please ask questions of other breeders and then ask Shady Nook Scotties and find out yourself who puts you at ease with this questionable decision to buy a puppy on line and ship from miles away.I took an educated chance,but knew that I had found the best breeder and best chance for getting the puppy I had hoped to get.They are great and you will not be sorry. Thanks, Joe

Reviewer: Joseph, January 28, 2007    

Great Buying Experience!

After a scary experience with a puppy mill, I was nervous to purchase a puppy online. Within 5 minutes of talking with Sindee, I knew I didn't have to worry anymore. She truly LOVES her Scotties. Our beautiful puppy arrived just as promised and we don't need to worry about health problems since Sindee has had them all tested. I would definitely recommend her!

Reviewer: Jennifer, January 27, 2007    

I love my scottie!

I had an extremely good experience with Shady Nook Scotties. I adopted a little black scottie girl I named Tallulah. She has been my most favorite dog I've ever had.(and I've had a lot of dogs!) She was in great health when I got her and grew up to have an excellent temperment. She has her certain personality quirks that make her seem almost human. I absolutely love her and am so glad I decided to go with this breed and this breeder. If I ever adopt another scottie, Shady Nook is the first place I'll go. Thanks! Heather

Reviewer: Heather, January 7, 2007    

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