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2020 Feedback

 ***** Second Scottie from Shady Nook

My first Scottie from Shady Nook was in 2009: Dolcee, my sidekick in everything I did. However, she passed over the Rainbow Bridge last December—a real heart break. My newest Scottie, Ekkco, is 10 months old. And she has stolen my heart. Both of them have very different personalities but first and foremost, both of them give lots of love and protection for mom. The breed is known to be a bit stubborn but both of them had early training. They are very intelligent. My highest recommendation goes to Sindee and Dale—they are very dedicated to the breed and never have I heard of a breeder willing to take back any of their puppies ANY TIME for any reason. Their Scotties are the best and they get an A++ for all aspects of breeding and raising the best Scotties!

Reviewer: Judy,  November 29, 2020

 ***** Week by week

We knew about our puppy each week with pictures and information. After we brought him home, we still are in contact. Shady Nook did an amazing job keeping us informed. Thank you for all you did for us.

Reviewer: Jacque, October 1, 2020  


***** Excellent puppy

We purchased a puppy from Shady Nook and he is a healthy, perfect puppy. Shady Nook breeders are wonderful to work with and are very caring people. I would recommend Shady Nook to anyone looking for a Scottish Terrier puppy.

Reviewer: Diane,  September 18, 2020 

***** Bohdi
He is our 7th Scottie. What a beautiful boy, full of Scottie curiosity and a great big personality, healthy and happy!! Our pup is 10 weeks old He has a big sister (Blue Healer) that he chases and plays with, she has her "paws" full Dale & Sindee are so great to work with they know the breed and have exceptional dogs/puppies.
Reviewer: jerry,  April 13, 2020

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