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Scottie Info...


Most folks can tell a Scottie just by looking - and they're usually depicted with a Scottish burr in the cartoons that portray them, or draped in plaid to show their heritage. In real life, they are active and affectionate dogs who are devoted to the people that love them.

  • "Scottish Terriers are a big dog personality in a small package, loyal, courageous. energetic, non-shedding companions looking to own a family."

  • "They can be stubborn and independent, but also very sensitive."

  • "Scottish terriers love adventure and they need exercise."




Life Span              10-12 years (though some live to mid-teens)

Size                        Small

Shedding              Light Shed

Height                   10 inches (male or female)

Male Weight         19-22 pounds

Female Weight    18-21 pounds

Litter Size             3-5 puppies

Group                    Terrier

Recognized by     AKC,CKC, APRI, UKC*

* Even though recognized by other registries, we HIGHLY recommend that you stay with AKC.  They maintain multiple generations of breeding records that insure that your Scottie is truly pure-bred. 

Colors                    The colors vary from dark gray to

                                 blue-black.  Occasionally, you will

                                 see wheaten or brindle colors, but

                                 these are more rare.

Hair Length          Long (and it is hair, NOT fur)

Living Area           Scotties are a good indoor dog that

                                 also enjoys playing outdoors. They

                                 can survive very well in a small

                                 apartment.  They prefer cooler

                                 temperatures, but can adapt

                                 almost anywhere.   Scotties have

                                 a weather-resistant outer coat that

                                 gives them protection in diverse

                                 weather conditions.



If you still want to see more info, click the link below to go to the American Kennel Club (AKC) website.....

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