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2013 Feedback

Our Saddie Girl

Or experience with Shady Nook was first rate from first contact. Every precaution is taken to make sure the puppies best interest is above everything else. We appreciated the ability to select from a long list of past buyers to contact on our own to get there opinion of Shady Nook Scotty Farm. These puppies are truly loved and cared for our Saddie girl was very comfortable with us from the instant she was in my wife's arms because she has been loved and socialized from birth All questions and concerns were quickly and thoroughly addressed We are absolutely pleased with our puppy and how the Harts care for the puppy first while still doing everything in there power to meet the customers needs as long as it is in the puppys best interest

Reviewer: John, November 29, 2013

Best Scottish Terrier Breeder EVER!!

I purchased a Scottie puppy from Shady Nook Scottie Farm on November 10th, 2013. Sindee and Dale are exceptional people who raise exceptional Scottish Terriers. Our little puppy has a very sweet personality and has beautiful conformation. My veterinarian says my puppy is very healthy and was very impressed. Sindee and Dale are so knowledgeable on the Scottish Terrier breed, and it shows in their breeding program. If you are looking for the very best Scottie puppy, call Sindee and Dale. Shady Nook Scottie Farm is doing the Scottish Terrier breed a great service by breeding the very best Scotties to get the very best Scottie puppies. I will be back for another puppy. Don't hesitate to call Shady Nook Scottie Farm!!

Reviewer: Gretchen, November 28, 2013    

Shady Nook Scottie Farm

Love our Scottie, Teddy. Breeders were very clear with instructions and communicated with us through entire transaction. We were prepared from day one. Gorgeous confirmation and coat. Sweet and smart Scottie! Highly recommend Dale and Sindee

Reviewer: Rachel, November 28, 2013    

 Thank You Shady Nook for our beautiful new boy!

We recently purchased a Scotty from Shady Nook Scotty Farm. We couldn't be happier. Our Wee Geordie is something to behold! Our vet was impressed with his exceptional quality, his blue/black color, and attitude! Yes that Scotty attitude already shines through and steals your heart! He has been home with us for about a week and is already nearly potty trained! He's walking proudly on a leash and doing a few " tricks"! He definitely knows his name and LOVES to play ball! This little guy is smart. This doesn't happen by accident. This is good breeding! Sindee and Dale know their stuff and made the 8 week waiting process fun with their weekly pictures and updates. Having a healthy, happy Scotty puppy as part of your family is a wonderful thing!

Reviewer: Marta, November 20, 2013    

SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are looking for a dedicated & amazing breeders of Scotish Terriers, SHADY NOOK SCOTTIE FARM is the the cream of the crop!From the moment I spoke to Sindee, I new I wanted a puppy from them. The care & attentiveness they give to there dogs/ puppys is phenomenal. From the time he was born I recieved pictures & a update every week on how my puppy was doing & up to the day I picked him up was giving everything he needed for our trip home. Every thing they say in there information is true to who they are about. I just got my puppy a few days ago & he is just beautiful! If I ever get another Scottie it will only be from them & will only refer them to anyone looking for one! Sindee & Dale , I can not thank you enough for your dedecation to these wonderful dog(s) Carmen Folk, Canada

Reviewer: carmen, November 12, 2013    

Wonderful Scottie breeder

Shady Nook Scotties are the best around! They take excellent care your puppy until it is his/her time to come to you. I got weekly updates on my puppy, Sophie, and lots of adorable pictures. Sindee and Dale's communication with you is impeccable! I have to say I have never had such a beautiful Scottie and she is my 7th one! Sophie is just perfect! She is very sweet and has a great curious personality, she is wonderful with kids and a fabulous addition to our home. This is the place to go for your next Scottie!

Reviewer: Stephanie, November 9, 2013   

Committed to their customers and Scotties

We just bought a puppy from Shady Nook and our experience with them was excellent. We especially liked their prequalification process, communication, and their commitment to quality. The prequalification process allows Shady Nook to screen out questionable buyers and form a connection with Shady Nook. Sindee and Dale are excellent communicators. They responded to our emails and calls in a timely manner. They also set our expectations with the timeframe. When the timeframe started to extend, she even suggested that we explore other options. We felt a connection with Sindee, so we waited. Finally, their commitment to quality showed after our puppy was born. Sindee sent weekly updates and photos showing our Scottie growing up. I believe that Sindee’s love and care made our first few days relaxing with our new Scottie. He has had an excellent temperament and the staff at the Vet office and our friends and family saying that he is precious and adorable. He behaved well at the Vet.

Reviewer: Gloria, November 2, 2013    

Shady Nook Scotties

Shady Nook Scottie Farm is the place to go for your next Scottie. They (Sindee & Dale) were terrific. From the day we started our search and spoke to them to the day we picked up our 2 beautiful Scottie girls (Mandy and Midge). These 2 puppies are the sweetest and gorgeous little girls, and that could have only happened with the TLC of Shady Nook Farm. If your looking for a Scottie get in touch with Sindee and Dale. The Robards Evansville, IN.

Reviewer: Krista, June 30, 2013    

Great Scottie breeder!!

We have had Scottish Terriers in our family for many generations. We have a 141/2 year old Scottie and were thinking about getting a puppy. I have been on Shady Nooks waiting list and talking with Sindee for a year whether it would be ok to get a puppy since my dog is very old. We decided it would be good for our family and picked up our new bundle of joy over Memorial Day!! She is a beautiful blue black female! Shady Nook is a great breeder. They answer any questions you have and will make you feel special. When you get your puppy they send you weekly photos to show you how they are doing. We enjoyed meeting them. They are a great family who loves Scotties! We can't wait to get another Shady Nook Scottie!!

Reviewer: Tammy, May 31, 2013    

Completely Satisfied!

Sindee and Dale of Shady Nook Scottie Farm are excellent breeders. You won't find a more sincere or caring breeder.They kept us informed about our puppy the moment he was born,and was available and helpful for any concerns or questions we asked. After "Mozart" had his first vet visit, we were confirmed of the excellent breeding and health of our new puppy.He's bright, energetic,and has settled right in and taken over our hearts and home. We truly love our new puppy. I'm looking forward to many years with this new friend.

Reviewer: Brenda, February 24, 2013    

Shady Nook Scottie Farm

Our new puppy Max is a wonderful dog and Shady Nook Scottie Farm is at the top of our list for Scotties! From the minute we picked Max from Sindee and Dale, we knew we made the right choice. They are both wonderful and kind people who care deeply about every puppy. We highly recommend Shady Nook Scottie Farm to anyone who wants a quality Scottie. I know if Max could talk he would say the same thing! He has been a great addition to our family.

Reviewer: Mike, February 23, 2013    

Thank You Shady Nook For Another Beautiful Puppy!!

We picked up our second Shady Nook Scottie two weeks ago tomorrow from Sindee and Dale. Our previous Shady Nook Scottie, Pepper Ann, left us all too soon. We knew though, that Shady Nook was the only place we would be willing to get another Scottie from because our first experience was so great! Our new Shady Nook Scottie, Molly, is so vibrant and full of life. She has a wonderful temperament and is absolutely beautiful....a testament to the wonderful breeding that Sindee and Dale do at Shady Nook! Our vet thought that she is absolutely precious and was once again impressed with how healthy and well-bred the Shady Nook Scotties are! Sindee and Dale go above and beyond as breeders from your first puppy inquiry and well beyond when your puppy goes home! We cannot say enough good things about Shady Nook! We would recommend Shady Nook to anyone who is looking for a new Scottie to become a part of their family! –The Feldkamps

Reviewer: Nicole, February 14, 2013   

Abbeygale is home! - Thank you Shady Nook

The Shady Nook Scottie Farm breeders are like no other breeders! From the 1st phone call to the delivery date, Sindee and Dale have gone above and beyond the duties of a breeder. Pictures and info on your new puppy are emailed to you every week. They have everything covered all the way down to the food and treats for your puppy. They are super breeders and the puppies are extremely well cared for. We never seen puppies so beautiful! Ours is a mix of American and Russian parents! Her coat is so thick and dark - our vet was even amazed with her. I highly recommend this breeder with very high marks!

Reviewer: Charles, February 5, 2013    

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