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2012 Feedback

 Wonderful Caring Breeder

I found this breeder by doing an internet search. After talking with them on the phone I knew that it was going to be a great experience. Each week they send you pictures of your puppy and their progress from the previous week. They are highly accessible and will answer all questions you may have. This is the second shady nook Scottie and would recommend them to everyone.

Reviewer: Becky, October 13, 2012    

Awesome Breeder

We purchased two little scottie girls from Shady Nook and could not be happier. They are true scottie's with beautiful features and color!!! They would email our family every week with picture, family updates and fill us in on any other information one could ask for. Shady Nook is a wonderful caring family. We drove to their house and picked up the girls and they welcomed us with open arms. We got to meet the Sire and Dam of the girls and they were beautiful loving dogs! Wonderful Breeders and you cant go wrong with them!!

Reviewer: Paula, October 5, 2012    

Shady Nook Is Top Quality

I recently purchased a black, male puppy from Shady Nook. My puppy has the most black, softest & silkiest fur, is very loveable & my Vet found him to be in excellent health. Sindee & Dale are superb breeders who deeply care for the quality and health of their puppies & adult Scotties. I received weekly puppy photos & updates from birth until the day I received my puppy. All questions are answered quickly & honestly. My puppy was shipped to me & I could not have received better details regarding the shipment process, flights, pickup location, etc. I plan to also purchase a red wheaten puppy from them in the near future. I highly recommend Shady Nook to anyone wanting a beautiful, high quality Scottie.

Reviewer: Anita, September 30, 2012   

Shady Nook review

I've recently purchased a scotty puppy from Shady Nook and it was an excellent eperience. From the time the puppy was born until we picked her up, Sindee from Shady Nook kept us informed on our puppy's growth and sent pictures of our puppy each week. It was incredible seeing how she grew week-to-week. I would have no hesitation to purhase another scotty from Shady Nook. Our puppy is healthy and full of "scotty terrier-tude."

Reviewer: Kathy, September 21, 2012    


We are crazy about our Zoe. She is an adorable bundle of energy and attitude. She is well tempered, loving, and great with people once she gets to know them. In short, she is a typical Scottish Terrier! We have found Sindee and Dale to be both professional and personable. I appreciated the fact that they took the time to make sure that we were a good fit for our puppy. Once we purchased our puppy, we got weekly pictures and updates. When we picked up Zoe, the Harts spent an hour with us answering questions, providing us with helpful information, showing us Zoe's parents, and letting us get to know our puppy before we took her home. The Harts continue to be available to answer any questions or concerns that I might have. We have had absolutely no health issues. Our vet has commented several times that Zoe is a beautiful example of her breed and is impressed with the detailed health records we received from Sindee. We would definitely choose Shady Nook Farms again.

Reviewer: Robin, August 12, 2012    



 We are delighted

On June 30, 2012 we brought Lulu Belle home from Shady Nook Scottie Farm in Indiana and we have been thrilled ever since. She is exactly what a Scottie should be; willful, stubborn, smart and adorable. She is very social and entertains company with gusto. She is also very affectionate and tries hard to please. Having had Scotties before I can say with complete confidence that Sindee and Dale do raise the puppies as part of the family and that our puppy is far better behaved and trained than any we have had in the past. Bravo!

Reviewer: kathryn, July 25, 2012    

Great Experience

I recently adopted a wheaten female Scottish Terrier from Shady Nook Scottie farm. I found it doing a simple internet search. The Breeder is simply fantastic. I got to pick the pup up personally from them and it was a very positive experience. You couldn't meet nicer people who really care about the breed. They also respond to emails and phone calls very quickly and are very helpful. I will be getting another pup from them soon with their next litter.

Reviewer: Ben, July 21, 2012    

Thumbs up for Shady Nook Scottie Farm

It was a great experience. Although the purchasing process required some "homework", I now really appreciate the way Sindee works with the perspective buyer and helps you confirm your decision to purchase a puppy from Shady Nook. Once you have made the commitment, you get superior customer service with weekly communication and pictures from Sindee. My girl is healthy and spunky as can be...just what you want in a Scottie puppy. I would recommend this breeder if you are interested in purchasing a Scottie.

Reviewer: Cindy, June 11, 2012    

Exceptional experience

I received my black male Scottie pup from Shady Nook on May 31, 2012. I have had Scotties since 1976 (four dogs) from two different breeders in California. After finding Shady Nook on line and doing my research, I was impressed by their professional approach to their Scottie business and knowledge of the breed. My puppy is correct in appearance, passed his well puppy check with flying colors, and is very calm and well socialized. He has settled into my family with no problems, is eating well, and growing by the day. I would definitely purchase another Scottie from Shady Nook.

Reviewer: Terry, June 11, 2012    

A wonderful experience...

Sindee and Dale Hart of Shady Nook Scottie Farm go above and beyond when it comes to the service they provide their customers and the care they give their puppies. They take the time to answer all of your questions, and keep you posted weekly with photos and updates on your puppy. We picked up our puppy at 8 weeks...she's beautiful and healthy and we couldn't be happier with her or with the wonderful experience we had with Shady Nook Scottie Farm. We would recommend them 100%.

Reviewer: Mary, June 9, 2012    


Excellent Scottie breeder in Indiana

We are really enjoying our little scottie that we got this spring from Shady Nook. He's such a cutie and well socialized that we couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again Sindee! :)

Reviewer: Rhonda, May 30, 2012   

Most wonderful and educational experience

I purchased Scottie Hamish from Shady Nook Farm on February 25, 2012. From the day he was born to the day I picked him up, I was in communication with Shady Nook. They kept me up to date on his development and sent pictures of him every week. Shady Nook helped me learn what I needed to know about raising a health, happy Scottie. They breed very carefully so each Scottie puppy meets standard specifications. When you buy from Shady Nook, you know you are getting a quality puppy that was bred to be friendly. Scottie Hamish is at my side all of the time. My vet, groomer, keeper of him when away, friends and family have commented on his pleasant personality and classy look. If you want a Scottie that is family friendly, I recommend Shady Nook. They become a friend that you are happy to know and the best source of Scottie puppies.

Reviewer: PAM, May 30, 2012   

Our little Banks!

Having previously gotten a Scottie with significant skin issues from a different breeder, we were apprehensive and careful this go-around. When I found the Shady Nook website, I contacted Sindee to discuss my concerns. She walked me through their history and successes, listened to my concerns and patiently answered all of my questions. Based on the conversations, we decided to get our little Banks - a dark red wheaten. We live in St. Louis, and I am from the area around Shady Nook, we were able to go and pick up our little man in person. Dale and Sindee were extremely organized and friendly and made us feel highly confident that our little guy would be healthy and happy as he grows up. He is about 5 months old and that is just the case - he's absolutely adorable with a great Scottie personality. While the price may seem high, I can assure you that it is not too high for the new member of your family will be healthy .I expect our next Scottie will come from Shady Nook!!! Thank you!!!

Reviewer: Jesika, May 29, 2012    

Wonderful breeder...wonderful puppy

Sindee and Dale made this a very positive experience. They communicate wonderfully and send weekly updates and pictures, and answer all of your questions. They are committed to the breed and to each puppy. The puppy is a member of their famiy until it is safely in your hands. Then it is instantly a member of yours! You feel like you know your puppy before you even meet it!

Reviewer: Connie, May 28, 2012    

Fantastic Find!

We have had four other Scotties, and after the loss of our last little girl it took considerable time to think about finding another breeder. Just by mere chance we found Shady Nook Scottie Farm on a web search. What a miracle! Their website is very informative, and Sindee and Dale were there every step of the way as we prepared for the arrival of Brodie. Living on the East Coast, there are numerous breeders, but none come even close to the the warm and personal care given to us, the important information they provided to us, or their avability to answer our questions. We knew from the moment of his birth how he was doing, pictures every week, preparations for his final arrival, and the continued connection with Sindee and Dale. We feel like we are a part of their family, and would never go anywhere else. We have fallen in love all over again with our new boy, Brodie.

Reviewer: Beverly, May 28, 2012    



My name is Scott from Cannelton Indiana and I would like to say that the people here at Shady Nook are the best at what they do as they know everything about there Scottish Terriers.They will answer any ? you have and have everything in a folder for you when you get them with all the papper work and information on there shots and so forth.They are very clean and good with these dogs and as for the terriers go.They are very sweet and great dogs from the time you get them home till you enjoy them.I am a very satisfied Scottish Terrier owner thanks too them.I would highly recomend them for one and if in doubt check with them first and then check with the others and you will see these are really the way to go if you want one of these dogs to enjoy and have for a long time.

Reviewer: scott, April 23, 2012    

Happy Scottie Parent!

We are delighted with our two little bundles of Scottish Terrier fun! We are not only exceedingly happy with our puppies but also with Shady Nook Scottie Farm! We will definitely be repeat customers!

Reviewer: Missy, March 22, 2012    


We received our Scottie in great health and with desirable temperament; beautiful coat, energetic, and intelligent. Being on the waiting list for months can potentially throw your finances off as the overall costs will be around 1800-2000$. I recommend establishing a consistent e-mail/phone relationship between you and Shadynook to maintain anticipation and savings commitments. However, it was well worth the wait and the cost. Our Scottie is superb and a great addition to the family. Going through Shadynook is quality assurance from our experience.

Reviewer: Justin, March 10, 2012   

Recent Purchase

This is a very reputable breeder. The owner was in constant contact with me regarding the puppy I purchased. Responded very quickly to any e-mails.I was given a list of references that I did check out and heard nothing but great things. I was lucky enough to tour the area that the puppies were in and I found it to be well kept and the dogs all looked healthy and happy. My dog is a wonderful puppy. His coat is shiny, confimation is excellent and as a whole, a very well bred Scotty.

Reviewer: Mary, January 15, 2012    

Quality pups/Quality Breeders

Sindee and Dale at Shady Nook are not only top professional breeders but are interested in their pups on a personal level. Expect individualized service from them: phone calls, emails, and weekly pictures are examples. Transactions of purchase were smooth including flight arrangements to Oklahoma. You will get a beautiful healthy pup from them. In fact, I am getting another. Shady Nook Scottie...badge of pride.. Ought to be a bumper sticker!

Reviewer: Trisha, January 13, 2012   

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