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2011 Feedback

 It Doesn't Get Any Better Than Shady Nook!

If you want a quality Scottie from quality breeders, run, don't walk, to the phone and call Sindee and Dale Hart. They're fabulous to work with and truly take the time necessary to answer all questions... as well as ask questions of you. They want to be sure YOU'RE right for THEIR puppy; that's how much they care about their dogs and the people who welcome them into their families. It's been 4 years since my MacLeod passed away, so it was time for another Scottie. I researched breeders for months and kept coming back to Shady Nook. I'm happy to say that Greta is a beautiful, jet-black puppy who is full of life and full of Scottie attitude. She's awesome and so are the Harts. Thanks so much, Sindee and Dale. You guys are the best! I highly recommend Shady Nook Scottie Farm!

Reviewer: Susan, November 13, 2011    


The puppy we got from Shady Nook is amazing! He is healthy and well mannered. If we ever get another puppy it will be from Shady Nook. The process to get him was really easy and they want to be your partner not just your breeder.

Reviewer: Cole, November 9, 2011    

So Happy With My MacKenzie!

I had a wonderful experience with Shady Nook, and I would definitely recommend them again and again. I purchased a 10 month old black brindle female Scottie, and have named her MacKenzie. Sindee and Dale were wonderful - I had great conversations with them prior to purchasing Mac. They were very detail-oriented and patient, answering all my questions. They gave great directions to their farm, and upon arrival to pick up my new bundle of joy (what a pistol she is!!) they had a welcome sign personalized, just for me. I'm highly confident of their integrity and honesty, as they had me do "homework" and check their references. I did indeed check several references, and have heard nothing but rave reviews. You can add me to the list of rave reviewers - you won't be sorry with your own little bundle of joy from Shady Nook!

Reviewer: Amy, October 26, 2011    

Two Beautiful Pups

We decided to adopt a Scottie and interviewed several kennels. When we contacted Shady Nook, the search was over. They are fantastic breeders with exception stock. We ended up getting two. Our pups are both beautiful and our vet says they are two of the finest she's ever treated. The communication with Sindee immediately lets you know these are dedicated and loving breeders. I can go on and on, but the best I can say is, "If you're interested in a Scottie, look no further". They are the best all the way around. If you pick them up and need to stay over, the Sheraton in Louisville is very dog friendly and happy to have them there. Two Happy People with Two Great Pups.

Reviewer: John, September 29, 2011    

Perfect Puppy

We lost our black scottish terrier on January 3rd of this year. We then lost our wheaten on February 3rd also this year. I searched on the web for a breeder. After searching extensively, I kept coming back to Shady Nook. I was impressed by their references and reviews. July 12th our little princess was born. She flew into Charleston on September 10th. From the moment I held her in my arms I knew she was the ONE. There was no adjustment period at all. It was like we'd had her for years. She's not stingy with her puppy kisses for which I am thankful. There is nothing like puppy breath. She is the most beautiful, loveable puppy. She also shows her terrier side quite often. If something doesn't please her, she lets us know !! Sindee and Dale were awesome, too. They were always available to take calls or answer e-mails. When we're ready for another puppy we will defintely go to Shady Nook again. Thank you Sindee and Dale for our little puppy.

Reviewer: Olga, September 15, 2011    



 Great experience!

My husband surprised me on my birthday with a note in my birthday card explaining that I would be getting a puppy. We lost our previous Scottish Terrier 4 months ago and it was time to move on. He research breeders online and felt Shady Nook Scottie Farm was the one for us. He spoke with the owners and felt they were knowledgeable and sincere about breeding the best possible puppies. In the weeks that followed they kept us updated on the birth of our puppy and her growth and development. We picked her up at the appropriate time and enjoyed meeting Sindee and Dale. We feel they are truly caring and excellent breeders of Scotties.

Reviewer: Darlene, September 11, 2011    

Love our Shady Nook Scottie!

After losing our beloved Scottish Terrier Kenzie way too soon at 7 years old, we began to seek out a breeder for another Scottie. We wanted to find a breeder that was responsible and trustworthy. Shady Nook Scottie Farm excels in both respects. They are by far the best Scottie breeder in the Mid-West! We were completely informed about the puppy that was selected for us and we were kept updated on her growth and development. We always looked forward to getting pictures of her every week. When we visited Shady Nook to bring our puppy home, we found the facilities to be very clean and well kept. We absolutely adore our puppy and have been amazed at how smart and well mannered she is. We will be calling upon Shady Nook for another puppy in the future, nothing else would do :)

Reviewer: Becky, September 9, 2011    

Shady Nook Scotties have great temperaments!

I was looking for a scottie for a family pet and came across Shady Nook. I watched the site for six months before contacting Sindee and getting on the waiting list for my scottie. Luna arrived three weeks ago and is fantastic. She fits right into our family. First of all she is beautiful. She flew in to NY from Indiana, Dale made sure that Luna made her connecting flight and that we picked her up. She was wonderful from the first second we had her. She was clean, healthy and ready to play. Our vet said that it was obvious that she was a product of excellent breeding. Luna is very smart and lovable. We can't remember a time that she was not part of our family. I recommend a Shady Nook Scotty to anyone who understands and loves the breed. Scotties are not for everyone but Shady Nook is for every Scottie lover.

Reviewer: Louise, August 27, 2011   

Oustanding, loving, and caring breeders

Sindee and Dale are both caring and loving breeders. I knew two other families that had purchased their scotties from Shady Nook and they both raved about their puppies, so I was very confident when I purchased our Max from them. I also verified contacts with other dog owners and they also gave great reviews. After talking to SHNF I felt they both were very knowlegeable about breeding scotties and keeping their health a priority.I would definitely recommend them for purchasing a scotty. Our little Max has won everyone's hearts here. Awesome people!!!! Joan in Illinois.

Reviewer: Joan, August 27, 2011   

We Love Our Shady Nook Scottie!

We found Shady Nook Scottie Farm (SNSF) online and liked the look of the website, so I called Sindee. We talked for over an hour about Scotties, SNSF, and their policies/procedures. Sindee gave me an assignment to email about 10 of their previous customers for their review of SNSF-all gave glowing reviews. When the puppies were born, we chose our pup, made our deposit, and began receiving weekly photos of our puppy. Because SNSF was only 3 hours from our home, we were able to drive to SNSF to pick up our boy, "Jock". We were impressed with the nice clean place the puppies were kept, and the Hart's obvious good care of their dogs. All along the way, Sindee and Dale were very clear about prices, policies, etc., and using Paypal made payment a snap. Our puppy is a gorgeous boy, smart and funny-couldn't have asked for a better Scottie pup! We would recommend SNSF to anyone looking for a reputable Scottie breeder, and they're nice folks, too!

Reviewer: Lea, August 14, 2011    



 Reputable Scottish Terrier Breeder

We are very happy with our Scottish Terrier puppy. It is clear to us that Sindee and Dale take very good care of the puppies. They also ALWAYS did what they said they would do. They sent pictures every week of our puppy, along with information on how she was doing. They were very conscientious when flying her to us. We would definitely get another puppy from Shady Nook and would recommend them to our friends.

Reviewer: Sharon, August 13, 2011    

Great Experience, Greater puppy!

We just received are new puppy five days ago. What a great dog she'll turn out to be! My wife discovered Shady Nook Scottie Farm while doing research on the internet. I'm glad she did! Our experience with the Harts was wonderful. No surprises at all! There website explains everything about buying a puppy from them. They do a great job informing you how your puppy's growth and welfare is. We had absolutely no worries about shipping. With hesitation would I recommend Shady Nook Scottie Farm. Brian Greene

Reviewer: Brian, August 10, 2011    


From day one dealing with Sindee and Dale Hart was a wonderful experience. They are so helpful and will answer all your questions, no matter what they are. There puppies are the most beautiful Scottie puppies I have ever seen. I am just thrilled with my 2 puppies.

Reviewer: Carol, August 3, 2011    

The best breeder you will find out there!

I cannot say enough good things about Shady Nook. First of all, they have integrity and do all the right things to make sure that your puppy is disease free, not like some breeders. They are friendly and open to any questions you have. I personally spoke to several of their references and everyone was unanimous in saying what fantastic dogs Shady Nook Scotties are. I love that they send you weekly pictures of your puppy as it is growing, even before you get to take them home. Also, they will ship to different cities in the US - which was great for me because I couldn't find any breeders I liked in my area - and once I found Shady Nook, I didn't want a dog from anywhere else. :-) If you are looking for a beautiful, healthy puppy for your family, call Shady Nook. (Misti Lusher in Oregon)

Reviewer: misti, July 19, 2011    

scotty male born december 25,2010

jack is a wondweful puppy. he is very energetic and smart. his coat is beautiful. the harts make the transaction easy. every thing is planned and went without problem. when we are ready for another scotty we will definately purchase from shady nook.

Reviewer: marilyn, June 5, 2011    



 Recent Purchase from Shady Nook Scottie Farm

I just wanted to let you know that both Sindee and Dale Hart from Shady Nook are topnotch! They run a very professional breeding business. I recently purchased an adorable 9 month old wheaten male from Sindee and he is the love of my life. Everything we discussed on the phone prior to my arrival was true and accurate. Upon arriving, I found myself lost and Dale drove out to the main road to greet me and let me follow him back to the farm. Also contacting Sindee was very easy, she always calls you back if she happens to be on another line or not available to take your call. I would highly recommend Shady Nook Scottie Farm as a place to get high quality bred puppies. When I get ready to add a little female Blue/Black pup to our family, I will definitely be calling Sindee! ... Jayne in Ohio

Reviewer: Jayne, May 10, 2011    

Shady Nook Puppy Purchase

Sindee was so helpful when I started my search for a Scottish Terrier puppy. She told me all the things I should ask a breeder to be sure I was getting a healthy puppy. I put my name on the Shady Nook waiting list and after talking with other breeders I decided I wanted to wait for a Shady Nook Scottie. I recently purchased a 6 month old female from them and this has been a great experience for me. I would definitely recommend Sindee & Dale as Scottish Terrier breeders. They are doing a great job with their dogs!

Reviewer: DEBORAH, April 30, 2011    

Puppies from Shady Nook Farms

We purchased a puppy from Shady Nook Scotty Farms in Jan,2011 We drove up from Alabama to get her.She is a beautiful little Scotty and very smart. Her health is great and we could not be more pleased.The Harts are very nice people and wonderful to deal with.I would get a dog from them again. They send you wonderful pictures and answered all my questions right away. They are really trying to make this breed better and they take great care to do this. We are very Happy with our puppy!!!!

Reviewer: Sarah, April 19, 2011    

Great Experience

When we began to search the internet for a place to buy a Scottish Terrier we were lucky enough to find Shady Nook almost immediately. We called Sindee on a Sunday morning and had a great conversation about Shady Nook. I soon became evident that Sindee was interviewing us, not the other way around. She takes great care to insure that the people she sells to will provide a healthy and loving environment for their Scotties. She outlined the process for us and explained exactly what she would do and what we were expected to do before and after we aquired our puppy. She did everything she promised exactly as she said she would and we became the happy owners of a wonderful, healthy Scottie (Winston) on 3/11/11. He's the hit of the nieghborhood with adults, children and other dogs. We recommend Sindee and Dale Hart of Shady Nook Scottie Farm without any reservation. Mark and Randa Wilbur, Grayslake, IL.

Reviewer: Mark, April 13, 2011   

Wisconsin loves Shady Nook Part 2

We have had our Shady Nook Scottie, Gus for 2 years now, and he has been our best find ever! But we both work and Gus seemed lonely so we thought hmm we need another Scottie. So we called Sindee and Dale Hart and they were very supportive! We had thought an older Scottie would be a good choice and then we saw Gorby needed a home. There was no hesitation! Gorby has been with us for over 2 months and has completed our family. Gus is very accepting of his new brother and Gorby is another wonderful example of excellent Scottie temperment. Shady Nook Scottie Farm breeds the best of the Scottie and our black and blond duo are living proof! They charm both young and old and love to meet everyone! Amy and I highly recommend this breeder!!!

Reviewer: Rick, March 27, 2011   



 Shady Nook Scottie Farm

We recently bought a male scotty from Shady Nook Scottie Farm. I want to say how professional, nice, knowledgeable and helpful Sindee and Dale were all along the way. We were updated with beautiful pictures of the puppy from when it was born until just before we received him. The puppy who we named Franklin Fala is beautiful. He is smart, well adjusted, and loveable. He has blended in well with our family of two cats and two dogs. I am so pleased and I recommend anyone looking for a Scotty, to purchase one from Sindee and Dale Hart at Shady Nook. We had Franklin shipped by plane from Indiana to New York and all turned out well. The puppy was fine after his long flight and adjusted right away into our household. We are very pleased!

Reviewer: Gayle, March 24, 2011   

2nd Time Scottie Puppy Purchaser-Just as thrilled

I am a second time buyer for Shady Nook I'm proud to say, and that is because of the quality of the first puppy that I received, the excellent rapport that I had with the breeder before and after the sale of first puppy, and after seeing Shady Nook Scottie Farm for myself. The first words out of my vet's mouth when he saw my puppy were, "You picked out another fine Scottie puppy!"-so it's not just my opinion. Sindee, wanted so to provide me with a puppy that first time that I called when my 13 year old Scottie died in my arms, knowing what I had just gone through, and told me that she would call me when she had a puppy for me. She did and I cried again and could hardly wait to go get him. This time, my 19 month old Scottie just needed a baby brother Scottie,so Sindee came through again. She sent pictures every week, just like us getting an ultrasound when I was pregnant. Now with the two boys we feel like we are complete all thanks to Shady Nook.

Reviewer: MIKE, March 6, 2011    

Highly Recommend this Breeder

Once you have made the decision that a Scottish Terrier is the right dog breed for you, the next step is to find a quality, reputable breeder. I highly recommend Shady Nook Kennels. Sindee and Dale are truly committed to providing the best quality Scotties available and equally committed to insuring that their newly adopted parents are prepared to receive and care for them. Upon being notified that our 2 puppies were born, Sindee was very proactive in keeping us informed on their progress, vet check-up updates, weekly photos and several emails on how they were doing. When it came time to arrange for their transportation, Dale helped us through the process and we received 2 healthy, happy pure bred scotties. It was a wonderful experience, Dale and Sindee are very professional and caring breeders and if you are serious about getting the best possible Scottish Terrier, look no further than Shady Nook Scottie Farm.

Reviewer: Don, March 2, 2011    

a super positive experience

We are so pleased with our new scottie puppy. She is adorable . Our vet said she is very healthy. Sindee and Dale do a great job. It was such a positive experience from the first phone call. When we picked up our puppy we were so impressed with the cleanliness of their facility. We got to see several puppies and the mother of our puppy. They were all very well taken care of. I would recommend shady nook scottie farm to anyone wanting a first class breeder to work with.

Reviewer: nancy, February 27, 2011    


We have recently purchased our second Shady Nook scottie, Dougan, to join our first scottie, McQuiddie, 14 months. Both puppies had to be shipped to Texas and both times, it went without a problem. We are delighted with this breeder; we couldn't be happier with the adoptions. Both puppies have delightful temperaments and are gorgeous. Dale and Sindee will help you through every step of the process. Have no fears about purchasing from them. Their puppies are well worth the extra money you pay for them.

Reviewer: Yvonne, February 27, 2011    



 Top Quality Committed Breeder

Since our first contact Sindee was always professional and honest. She's passionate about her dogs and take care of them as if they were human beings. Always using quality foods, proper facilities and regular medical checkups. She always lets the females rest plenty before the next litter in order to ensure proper body recuperation. Sindee also gives you access to other buyers emails once you decide is time to purchase. This is done to ensure you get the most feedback about everything Shady Nook and to get a sense of what Shady Nook is all about. Personally, after picking up our puppy and getting to know the facilities, Shady Nook is my first and only Scottish Terrier breeder. You can't go wrong with this one, totally worth it. Did I forget to mention that even after buying, Sindee still checks with you? That is true professionalism and passion for the job.

Reviewer: Juan, February 6, 2011    


I have purchased two adult scotties from Shady Nook. Both dogs are wonderful and have been very healthy. Contacting them is simple and quick, and both Sindee and Dale are honest and a pleasure to deal with!

Reviewer: Brit, January 25, 2011    

Our Sweet Scotty

Our little Scotty who is now three months old has been a bundle of joy. We received her in early December from Shady Nook Scotty Farm. Upon our arrival,it was so nice to meet Sindee & her husband. Sindee has been a wealth of information on helping us with our Scotty. This is our second Scotty so we knew the personality we were looking for in the breed. Lily, our Scotty puppy, has a great personality. She is smart, playful, minds very well, and doesn't know a stranger. She has blended in nicely with our lab & westie & two cats. Our vet was so impressed with her beautiful coat and picture perfect health. She has been a great addition to our family. I would highly recommend shady nook Scotty farm to anyone who is looking for a Scottish terrier.

Reviewer: Dee, January 24, 2011   

Happy With Our Scottie Girl

We bought a retired 6 year old female from Shady Nook. We also have a 6 year old male, who was very lonely after our 14 year old died. We are ALL so happy with our beautiful little girl ! The Harts are very knowledgable about the breed and were very good about answering our questions and making arrangements for her transportation. Everything worked out perfectly !

Reviewer: Ouida, January 14, 2011    

Thank You Shady Nook! You Guys are the BEST!

We purchased a Scottie from Shady Nook and couldn't have been happier! When she arrived it was Love at first sight. Our Beautiful Girl was everything we were promised and More! It was obvious she had been raised and treated like a member of the family and was not kennel raised. She was well socialized to people and other animals and fit right in to our home. I Highly recommend this seller. You can't go wrong getting a Scottie from them...Wendy in California

Reviewer: Brenda, January 13, 2011    



 My sweet little Duffy from Shady Nook Scottie Farm

So many wonderful things to say about Sindee & Dale... The first time I talked to Sindee , it was like talking to my best friend. They have so much knowledge about Scotties. They e- mail pictures every week of your puppy& you fall in LOVE before you get your baby to it's forever home. Duffy is the most Beautiful Scottie I have ever seen just like his older brother Truman!!! If you can't go get your Scottie , Dale will ship the baby to you, save & sound & when that baby comes out of that crate he will have a million kisses for you. If I need to ask a question they are right there for me with the answer. My next Scottie will be coming from Shady Nook & it just might be a little girl... Yipeee Trust this wonderful couple & you will get the most beautiful ,loving little package ever. Claudia

Reviewer: Claudia, January 8, 2011    




Perfect Scottie!!

I recently purchases a wheaten male Scottie from Shady Nook Scottie Farm.My Scottie is absolutely perfect in every way. He looks exactly like a Scottie should look. He is so friendly and well socialized towards other animals. Prior to getting my Scottie, I contacted recommended breeders in my state with no luck. I then began my search online but was apprehensive about buying a dog off the internet. Once i found Shady Nook and spoke with Sindee on the phone, I knew that I would not find a better breeder. Never having had a Scottie before, I was full of questions and Sindee and Dale were there every step of the way before and after I got my Scottie to answer my questions and give me advice. I had my Scottie flown from Indiana to NJ with no problems. I am planning on getting my 2nd Shady Nook Scottie in the near future!

Reviewer: nathalie, December 31, 2010    

Shady Nook is the best!

We just adopted our little black male Scottie from Shady Nook. He is beautiful and such a little lover. Dale and Sindee of Shady Nook are exceptional. They guide you along each and every step of the way. They are there to answer any questions. We had a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Our little guy flew from Indiana to Pennsylvania and arrived perfect. Alot of love goes into each and every scottie which comes from Shady Nook, and it shows. When we are ready for another little one in our family. We know we will be calling Shady Nook!

Reviewer: Clairissa, December 19, 2010    

Wonderful Experience

I bought a Scottie from Shady Nook and I am so happy I did. They are honest and very willing to answer any and all questions. Would highly recommend!

Reviewer: Jon, December 11, 2010    

Puppy Love!

We recently purchased a wheaten puppy from Shady Nook Scottie Farm and love, love, love her. We spent a lot of time researching the various sellers/breeders on the “Net” and chose this one. During our search we always found ourselves returning to their website. It offered a multitude of information about the breed and their LOVE of these spectacular dogs. Sindee and Dale are wonderful to work with and have the most amazing dogs. We are thrilled to have found them and would definitely buy another puppy from their farm. In my opinion a FIVE STAR breeder!

Reviewer: Beth, November 13, 2010    

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