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Why Shady Nook Scotties ?

Where does the name "Shady Nook" come from ??  When Sindee was a little girl, her grand-parents owned a second home  - a small log home on a lake - it was called "Shady Nook".   Sindee spent lots of time there when she was little and it became part of her personality.  When we started breeding Scotties in 2001, we decided that it should be called "Shady Nook" in honor of her grand-parents.

OK.... So you're asking yourself....   Why should I choose Shady Nook Scotties over another breeder ??  A great question, and one that we're glad you asked.....                                   


Here are just some of the reasons that we're the "Best in the MidWest".

We are small.   We don't have tons of puppies.  We don't breed our beloved girls to death.  We love all our Scotties and do what's best for their health.  All females are vet-checked BEFORE breeding to make sure that they are strong and healthy enough to whelp and care for a litter of puppies (and a C-section, if necessary).  Males & females are vet-checked at least yearly, with shots on a strict schedule.  Any health issue is immediately addressed.

We LOVE the breed.   Because Scotties can have multiple health issues, we make every attempt to produce healthy puppies.   In order to overcome years of in-breeding and line-breeding by USA breeders, we have obtained wonderful foreign bloodlines.  Multiple in-breeding & line-breeding occurrences in a dog's background can pass along problematic genetics, leading to many health issues.   We don't in-breed or line-breed - and we don't have dogs that have been.  See our "Health Considerations" page for more info on in-breeding & line-breeding.

We are attentive to sire's needs.   Our males have work to do... and they LOVE their job.  We make sure that they are healthy, happy, and get lots of exercise. When one of the females is 'In Season', we are very careful to keep the boys separated - we don't want them to get aggressive with each other while trying to establish dominance.

We are attentive to the dam's needs.   Whatever momma wants, momma gets !!  Our females are pampered all the time.  Once they are pregnant, the attention goes up !!   Extra food. Extra water. Extra blanket to sleep on.  Extra grooming.  Extra. Extra. Extra !!!

We are attentive to the puppies' needs.  All puppies are born IN OUR HOUSE (unless a C-section is required). Once puppies are born, we let the momma do her job. Moms can be VERY protective when pups are first whelped..  During the first 2 weeks, they are handled minimally, only being weighed daily to make sure everyone is getting enough to eat, and performing Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) on each pup.  From 3 days old thru 16 days old, we perform ENS on each puppy on a daily basis.  This is a method to stimulate the pup's brain very early-on, so that they mature faster and enhance their problem-solving abilities later in life.   ENS also helps eacch puppy learn to handle stressors as they mature. Each puppy has dew-claws removed, and is vet checked multiple times.  Each puppy is de-wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age. At 6 weeks of age, each puppy gets a healthy-puppy check-up and their first shot.    To find out more about the research done on ENS, click this link....

We are attentive to the client's needs.  Our clients are the BEST !!   .. and we want to treat them that way. We send emails to each prospective puppy owner whenever we have any sort of breeding activity (a breeding, an ultrasound, an x-ray, and finally, a whelping).  Having been in touch with each client for an extended period before the puppies are whelped, we continue that communication after the pups are whelped, and after they go to their forever homes.   Starting at the age of 2 weeks, we take individual pictures of each puppy and email them to their new human.  We do this weekly from week  2 thru week 6, so that every new Shady Nook puppy owner gets to see their puppy mature to a full-fledged Scottie puppy.  

We are here.   After the puppies leave us, we want to stay in contact with their new human family.  We want to know how they are doing.  We want to answer any follow-on questions the you may have.  We want PICTURES of the puppy in their new home (see the "Puppy Pictures" page).  We are available to answer questions, and to provide guidance and resources for the life of your puppy !!  Our clients have told us many times that they can't believe how available we are - we answer the phone when you call, or call you back when we can.  For all of the above reasons, we have had multiple repeat clients since we started breeding Scotties in 2001.  

If you want to work with a reputable, caring breeder of Scottish Terriers,  we are here for you.  Just give us a call.

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